Transgender Florida Teacher Removed After Threatening Students

A transgender teacher has been removed from a Florida middle school classroom after making alarming comments about wanting to shoot some of her students. The incident unfolded after the teacher discovered a social media post discussing her gender orientation negatively.

On March 24, the teacher, who remains unnamed, admitted to having “bad thoughts” and subsequently stated her desire to shoot students who were underperforming. The report from Wear News ABC 3 highlights that the teacher immediately clarified she would never actually harm a student. However, this did not ease the concerns of parents or school officials.

Following the teacher’s comments, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) discovered three firearms and ammunition at her residence. The school district took action, but it wasn’t until the Florida Department of Education intervened last week that the teacher was removed from the classroom.

Parents were outraged with the school district for not informing them of the incident sooner, taking two weeks to provide information about the situation. Many are threatening to remove their children from the school in response.

Parents demanded answers and clarity regarding the events during a recent school board meeting. Some expressed their intention to remove their children from the district if transparency was not provided. One father in attendance stated, “The fact that it took two weeks for us, as parents, to find out that anything happened is mind-boggling.” He said he requested an investigation by Governor Ron DeSantis’s office.

Despite the gravity of the teacher’s comments, some individuals at the meeting came to her defense, claiming the allegations were false and that she was being targeted due to her transgender identity. A mother at the meeting said, “Her soul and her teaching abilities are the same, if not better since she feels more comfortable in her own skin.”

However, the majority of parents refuted these claims, emphasizing the severity of the threat itself. “It doesn’t matter whether they’re white, black, purple, green, or a rhinoceros,” one father said. “I’m glad she’s a great teacher. She made a threat.”

A Hernando School District spokesperson told Crisis in the Classroom (CITC) that the district would not comment on the matter further beyond its Thursday letter. The letter assures concerned parents and community members that the district is listening to their concerns and all necessary actions will be taken to ensure campus safety.

This case has sparked intense debate among parents, educators, and the community, raising questions about transparency, safety, and the rights of transgender individuals in the education system. As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen what the outcome will be for the teacher and the school district involved.