Trump Passes Biden In Swing State Polls

Former President Donald Trump has surpassed President Joe Biden in swing state polls. The polls in key battleground states show Trump ahead in the polls holding at 42% — with Biden at 35%.

This recent polling shows a trend voters are seeing across the country. Trump continues to rise in nationwide polling and popularity. The ongoing attempts by the democrats to discredit Trump are having the opposite effect on his campaign.

Trump is also holding advantages with independent voters.

A recent poll showed that since the first 2024 presidential debate, Trump has increased the gap between himself and the other candidates. This increase is despite the fact that he did not attend the first debates.

Many believe the stronger the democrats push against Trump, the higher his ratings go. This is because the push against Trump shines light on how far the democrats will bend the rules to take down the former president.

There are some democrats who believe the increase in the polls will drop over time when Trump begins to attend more debates. As he attends the debates, his platform can be openly compared to other candidates.

There are some problems with this theory. The first issue is Trump has already shown that a classic debate may not be the best way to take on this election.

During the first debate, Trump chose to avoid the debate and instead have an exclusive interview with journalist Tucker Carlson.

Carlson offered a new platform that presidential candidates had not used in the past. Carlson offered social media. This platform turned out to surpass the viewing for the first debate.

Having a one-on-one interview gave Trump the chance to speak his mind on several topics relating to the presidency and to vocalize his plans for the upcoming presidency. It also gave Carlson the chance to ask questions more in line with what American voters want to know.

As the 2024 presidential election moves forward, the rise to the top of the polls will gain momentum. If Trump keeps up with his unique ways of debate, he can reach more voters and continue his rise to the GOP nomination.