Trump Security Advisor McFarland: Biden Should Reopen ‘American Energy Production’ In Response To Putin

President Donald Trump’s former Deputy National Security Adviser, Kathleen Troia McFarland, said that the “single most important thing” Joe Biden could do now in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine would be to reopen the “American energy industry.” She said no more effective tool is available to take away Putin’s leverage.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” McFarland said that the new sanctions that Biden announced last Thursday would not deter Putin’s aggression. She said his “coffers are full” and political leverage over Europe because of their energy needs.

McFarland said that America has the greatest oil and natural gas resources of any region in the world. As a result, Biden could promise “energy security” to the nations of Europe. She added that Biden could offer Europe “cheap and clean American natural gas” and tell them to “forget about the Russians.” She said that Biden could make the same offer to Asian nations.

She said that increasing American supplies would take away leverage from adverse nations and drive energy costs down and bankrupt Russia and Putin. She added that Russia cannot pay for anything without “high oil revenues.”

Biden immediately closed down the Keystone XL pipeline project upon taking office and reversed most Trump-era policies that led to American energy independence. Biden also allowed construction to continue on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline designed to allow Russia to transport energy directly to Germany.

Biden admitted last Thursday that he never expected economic sanctions to deter Putin from invading Ukraine. However, Vice President Kamala Harris subsequently told the media that the purpose of the sanctions “has always been and continues to be deterrence.”

When announcing the new sanctions last week, Biden said it might take “around a month” to know if they are effective. Meanwhile, he warned that Putin intended to “test the resolve of the West.”

Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Bill Hagerty (R-TN) have since introduced a new bill designed to lift the Biden restrictions on domestic energy production and restore American energy independence. Hawley described the proposal on Twitter by saying, “No more weakness.”