Trump ‘Stands Up’ Against Twitter For Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) had her Twitter account permanently suspended recently, and this week Facebook predictably followed suit with a “24-hour hold” on her account. Both actions were claimed to be because of her allegedly posting “misinformation” regarding COVID-19 policies.

On Monday, President Donald Trump stated support for Greene. He added that Greene’s large constituency has been cut off from her, and they do not deserve the treatment they have gotten from “low-life Twitter and Facebook.”

Trump said that everyone should stop using Twitter and Facebook, calling them boring promoters of only a “radical left” point of view, and encouraged Greene to keep fighting.

Facebook’s parent company, now known as Meta, wrote in a statement that a post by Greene was removed because it violates the company’s policies. It went on to say that the violation is not a basis for removing her account from their platform at this time.

Greene has an account on the upstart social media platform GETTR, where she wrote that what Facebook and Twitter have done is “beyond the censorship of speech.” She added that she is an elected representative of more than 700,000 tax-paying citizens and represents their voices and values.

She restates that there has been no government investigation into reported deaths resulting from mandated COVID vaccines. Greene asked “who appointed” the tech giants to be the authorities determining what counts as information or misinformation and said that when they decide what political speech is acceptable, they are working against the interest of the American people.

Greene demanded that her Twitter account be reinstated and said that the platform’s five-stroke policy counted two accidental suspensions against her. The suspension was of her account, and her official House of Representatives account remains active.