Trump Supporters May Be Underrepresented In Upcoming Polls

Many Americans rely on polls to get a somewhat accurate account of the country’s politics. This involves not only upcoming elections, but also where the majority of people stand on various issues.

For instance, polls and data tracking the midterms show the House of Representatives is highly likely to go to Republicans. The Senate, on the other hand, has been widely cited as a toss-up that could go either way.

Unfortunately, the accuracy of polls may soon be taking a serious hit. This is largely due to Joe Biden coming out, railing against Trump supporters, and vilifying them as anti-democracy forces.

A Lack of Relevant Representation
According to Trafalgar Group pollster Robert Cahaly, Biden’s recent tirades against “MAGA Republicans” put a target on their backs, therefore making them less likely to openly express their views in any forum.

Cahaly explained how the nation witnessed this in 2016 when then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dismissed Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables.” In the wake of this, pollsters like Trafalgar Group and others struggled to get an accurate account of voters’ thoughts and support across the board.

The pollster later explained that because surveys to come won’t accurately account for Trump supporters, the true results aren’t going to be reasonably predictable. Finally, Cahaly said Biden’s remarks succeeded in paving the likelihood for GOP voter turnout outperforming mainstream expectations.

Cahaly’s prediction comes as Biden continues to double down on attacks against Republicans, claiming they’re coming after people’s rights and have succumbed to extremism.

The Silent Majority 2.0
After writing off Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” the notion of pro-Trump Republicans being the “silent majority” quickly gained steam.

Despite being the “majority,” many Republicans feel pressured into silence as a means of self-protection. There are countless examples of leftists openly admitting they won’t hire Republicans, vandalizing pro-Trump signs, and even doxxing individuals who don’t support the political left.

Despite the rhetoric from Biden concerning “MAGA Republicans,” it looks like this base will ultimately get the last laugh in November. Already, the president’s begun telling the nation that he’ll be using his “veto pen” in perpetuity if Democrats lose the midterms.

Because of the Trafalgar Group pollster’s latest announcement, questions can now be raised about whether the Senate may also be likely to go to Republicans amid underrepresented GOP voters in midterms polls.