Trump Warns Democrats on Dangerous Precedent They’re Setting With Impeachment


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As the Democrats continue their partisan impeachment inquiry in secret, President Trump warned Democrats Tuesday morning that they may regret their actions in the future. “So some day, if a Democrat becomes President and the Republicans win the House, even by a tiny margin, they can impeach the President, without due process or fairness or any legal rights,” he tweeted, before adding, “All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here – a lynching. But we will WIN!”

Does this warning seem familiar to you? It does to me. Back in 2013, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changed longstanding filibuster rules in order to block the GOP minority in the Senate from filibustering Obama’s judicial nominees.

In response to this rule change, then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned the Democrats they’d come to regret the move. “You’ll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think,” he said on the Senate floor.

McConnell was right, of course. The GOP retook the Senate after the 2014 elections. After Donald Trump won in 2016, he took office with a lot of judicial vacancies, including one on the Supreme Court, and the Democrat minority was virtually powerless to stop Trump from filling them.

Democrats are no strangers to changing rules and standards to suit their short term political needs. In 1992, then-Senator Joe Biden argued that if a Supreme Court vacancy occurred during an election year, President George H.W. Bush should not nominate a replacement until after the election. Yet in 2016 when Justice Antonin Scalia died and a vacancy on the court opened up, the Biden Rule was forgotten, and Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the court. Of course, Mitch McConnell didn’t forget the Biden Rule, and Merrick Garland’s nomination was never taken up by the GOP-controlled Senate.

When conflicts like these arise, we hear lots of talk about rules, traditions, and precedents. It’s becoming increasingly clear that as our nation becomes more politically divided that rules, traditions, and precedents take the backseat to partisan games—for Democrats, anyway. According to Isaac Newton’s third law of physics, for every action there is an equal, opposing reaction. We’ve seen it happen in the Senate with the filibuster. We’ll see it happen again with impeachment. Democrats have turned a very serious check on presidential powers into a partisan strategy for undoing an election they didn’t like the result of.

The beginning of the politicization of impeachment came in the wake of Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Clinton had committed actual crimes (lying under oath, obstruction of justice, witness tampering and others) but Democrats perpetuated the myth that Bill Clinton was impeached “over sex” and seemed intent on revenge.

Democrats often accused George W. Bush of impeachable offenses, and in 2008, the Kucinich-Wexler impeachment articles were actually voted on by the House, but died in the Judiciary committee.

Barack Obama committed multiple impeachable offenses, but no serious action was taken by the GOP-controlled House, probably fearing the optics of impeaching “the first black president” would backfire. Fast forward to Trump, whose surprise victory got Democrats salivating over impeachment before he even took office. However far Democrats take their impeachment efforts with Trump, it is safe to safe an equal and opposite reaction awaits them in the future.

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  1. Guess what happens when the next democrat president is elected. Absolute gridlock; conspiracy, voter miscounts, you name it. The demos will have done every trick in the book and then some. Turnabout is fair play… Civil warfare to follow at 11pm.

    • he already has sealed indicments from the rico lawsuit and all his children have sealed indicments for jail thank yu souther district of new york

          • DITTP! The Democommunists do not care what WE the People know or think. They think they are invincible. Isn’t is curious hat Bill Clinton started all the communist activities with China in 1990’s. All the Democommunists/RHINOs want total control of this planet. That is why they all want to be RICH! The people with MONEY and power want ALL the POWER! They think they are better than the rest of the America People and the peoples of the World. GHW Bush was aware of and helped Clintons commit crimes. Bush has always helped the Clintons. GW Bush was with Bill Clinton when he was notified of the death of the Congressman last weekend. Bush family are no Angels either.

      • The southern district of New York came up the same results every underhanded thing the Democrats have tried. EMPTY. We have a very smart president now and he will follow the law and do everything by the book. It’s amazing we finally get a president that loves this country beyond measure goes out of his way to make this country better everyday and yet the hatred from the Looney left grows more and more gets stronger every day. More and more you see the true definition of a liberal. A liberal is someone that is so open-minded their brain fell out.

  2. The Dembots will suffer the worse defeat in 2020 than has ever been experienced in our modern time.

    They will continue this false narrative right up until they are swept from government by the people. For the people, now and FOREVER.

    God Bless America and the POTUS.


    • Yes, the intelligent people of this nation will rise and the democRATS WILL FALL AND FALL HARD!
      Civil war is not too far behind this impeachment inquiry. They truly believe that the country will back them, and we all know that all of this has been orchestrated to co inside with the elections of 2020! They think that Trump will resign and we all know that he will not resign and he will win with a landslide.
      They are all a bunch of mental midgets, corrupt to the core all of them.
      We don’t want another democrat in the white house, and we will make sure that the Conservatives, win for the rest of the century! We saw what OBAma did for 8 years, complete gridlock, and it will always be gridlock as long as the democrats don’t smarten up. Which we know will be never……

      • Don’t forget the GHW Bush family has helped the Clintons and Democomminists do all their evil. GW Bush was with Bill Clinton when they called Bush about the Death of the Congressman over the weekend. GHW Bush was head of CIA when President Kennedy was shot. Bush was at the Dallas Airport. Coincidence?? The book: “Clear and Present Danger”, is about the Columbian Cartel and POTUS at the time. You can see GHW Bush in the first chapter. This government started the drugs coming into USA and Bill Clinton had a pvt airstrip at governor’s mansion in Arkansas while GHW Bush was head of CIA, when CIA declared war on Columbian Cartel. The CIA forced Barry Seal to transport drugs from Columbia to USA and Vietnam. Then Seal disappeared. Bush and Clinton were in the Skulls together in college. GHW Bush said : “I am the father Bill never had”.

    • these fools are not aware we have sealed indictments for trump and all his children have sealed indicments ready for them one day jail rico law has gone thru southern district of new yourk duh jail one day have a nice time with your mental health once you realize he lied to you

      • Claudia,
        Just as a suggestion, would you please attempt to at least show a little intelligence and use “spell check” ? Apparently the best 4 years of your life was the third grade…….

      • RICO is Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. It is used to prosecute organized crime like the Mafia. Trump hasn’t committed a crime. The Democrats are mad because they rigged the election and still lost. Hillary is still scratching her head trying to figure out how she lost a rigged election. The DNC and Hillary paid for a fake dossier and tried to frame Trump and still can’t tear him down.

      • THEY ALL LIE! If you have fallen for the BIG LIES, you and your children, etc will wind up in gulags if the Demcommunists/RHINOs take over. All politicians have ulterior motives! Most of Wall Street and Big Business have ulterior motives!!

  3. Are there any adults in the Democratic Party anymore? This is about as childish as Obama’s games with the
    world…he proved nothing with trying his “DEEP STATE” other than to simply verify what we all knew. There is
    but that would mean they would have a conscience and this is something lost to the people who took over
    our country for 8 years. It was stupidity with the games they played…it was FUNDAMENTALLY changing our
    world of decency……gay agenda…look now…gender craziness. Seems even someone arrested for having sex
    with an animal and that was the next step. The hate will continue and President Trump will surely be voted
    in with far more ELECTORAL VOTES IN 2020…simply because the other party are filled with hate, deceit and
    have never known what decency is. Constitution? What is that? THEY HAVE BROKEN OUR COUNTRY WITH HATE!

    • Democrats are proceeding in a constitutional manner…remember the dozens of Benghazi hearings…behind closed doors. .Dems never whined like today’s crybabies led by Steve Scalise.

        • But James, did Sue say something incorrect. As I remember, some of the Benghazi hearings were behind closed doors. If you have a reference that says otherwise, please post. I’d like to be clear on this. Thanks.

      • YOU are Nuts! This IS NO where in the US Constitution!! You have NO idea! Do you know what the US Constitution reads?
        There are many things the politicians SAY is law BUT sre NOT! The so called “Anchor Baby” IS NOT A LAW! The Supreme Court has heard ONLY one case MANY MANY years ago AND IT UPHELD THE US Constitution Article 13! It specifically reads: “If a woman WHO IS ON US SOIL ILLEGALLY has a baby, THE BABY IS ALSO ILLEGAL!” ! No LAW or Article in US Constitution gives AUTOMATIC Citizenship to illegal aliens- – NO WAY – -NO FASHION!!! They all LIE when they say it is the LAW! TOO many LEGAL Americans simply accept whatever the LIARS tell them.
        **THAT is why we are where we are in this HELL** The politicians LIE LIE LIE all the time to American People and the GULLIBLE idiots do not bother to fact-check!
        THIS is what they learn in colleges!!
        ARE YOU one of these idiots??????

    • DJ,
      You are correct..We have a Congress full to the brim with DEMOCOMMUNIST/RINO INFANTS throwing “temper tantrums”, all because their crooked “queen” hitlery or as I call her, (OBUNGHOLE 2.0) was ‘”shown the door” by WE the People that did NOT want another CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNIST infesting OUR Oval Office (like the last 8 years)
      This POTUS is absolutely correct, because once the precedent is set, it will continue on to ANY POTUS that the other party does not “like” or agree with. This has to be nipped in the bud NOW, and the BEST way is, to rid ourselves of the DEMOCOMMUNIST “party” and their crooked “agenda” of a tyrannical takeover of this government (COMMUNISM), By VOTING THEM ALL OUT. But with all the PROVEN voter fraud, “hacked” soros company touch screen voting machines, schemes, scams, and bribery by well to do COMMUNISTS living in OUR country, that will be a difficult task indeed, but we need to keep trying.

        • well at least we would get deceived the dems are proudly voice ing their love of communism and try to destroy the country with it i ll take my chances with trump

      • DITTO! You are absolutely correct!
        There exists TOO many idiots in this Country that are selfish, benevolent and believe the liars. THAT is why we are in this mess.
        HilLIARy was SET to be installed ( same as Obama) into WH but USA was saved from HELL! She thinks she is “smartest” woman in the World” and the PEOPLE are smarter. Many of the people who committed CRIMES against the American People LOST their bid for diminishing all of us but WE prevailed. The reason EVIL triumphs is that good men/women do NOTHING! The evil-doers did not triumph is WE did the RIGHT THING! We voted AGAINST the evil and triumphed. Trump is not as sophisticated in manner but he us BETTER than Clinton. GHW Bush is responsible for helping the EVIL Clintons along the way since their College days. ANY human that says: “I will vote for Hillary Clinton before I vote for Donald Trump” , is just as evil as HilLIARy!
        GHW Bush announced this before the vote!

        I am not a confirmed Bush lover BUT anyone who makes such a hate filled idiot statement as this a TURNCOAT! This was an Anti-American declaration from a former POTUS!

    • The Democommunists would not get away with their evil if the OTHER politicians and Businesses were not just as bad! Too many vile politicians, lobbyists, business people would not be able to do their evil deeds if there were not vile and hateful PEOPLE in this Country!

  4. these humans don’t realize we have sealed indictments ready for trump jail and sealed indicments for trumps children to jail its called the rico law they broke and have been indicted already waiting his children will go first then trump will go to jail someday this was already done in southern district of new York this came from Robert muller and more to follow indictments are comming

  5. What LEGAL steps can be taken against the Dimocrats? We the People are fed up with all of these fake hearings. And, by them NOT allowing the Republicans into the hearings, we all KNOW that they’re trying to come up with fake evidence. I wish God would strike them all dead, even the RINOs, so we could start fresh. However, that’s unrealistic, so in Nov of next year we need to vote the Dims OUT. IF they lose their majority in the House, that will stop this witch hunt. And, it IS a lynching! Even though blacks object to the word as being racist, hangings were done LONG before slaves came along. They need to get over it. Yes, some WERE done to get rid of blacks, but the ones that should be lynched are almost ALL white. Slavery has been illegal for many years now, & so has discrimination. I disapprove ANY racism, or discrimination. People need to grow up, & stop seeing discrimination, or racism around every corner. The majority of people do also. There’s just a few here & there that still try to practice. I’m 70 years old, & still wasn’t alive during that time. My grandfather was born in 1898, but, he wasn’t alive yet when people practiced slavery.

    • Sharon, there ARE Republicans in the hearings. All the members of each committee–Dems and Republicans–are in the hearings. Only house members NOT on the given committees are excluded–both Dem and Republicans.

      The key thing to understand is that Republicans are present in the depositions and the Republicans have the same rights to question the presenters as the Dems.

    • There are steps that can be taken BUT the thieve’s creed prevents MALEVOLENT, WICKED, VICIOUS PEOPLE from doing the ” RIGHT THING” ! All the RULERs are evil!

    • Contact your GOP Representative and other Legislators that you know about who will do “The Right Thing”! I call. write and email them all the time. Use internet to find out about WHO you can trust. The MAIN Library has books on the different Committees and Members of Congress and their records. I have vote for D, R, and I. Most legislators are true to their constituents–generally! I was in a district that had a D. as the Rep. He said he only worked for “Democrats”. That turned me to the Republican Congress Person in a different District. . They try to force you to stay with your “rep” for your District! Do not let them do that! Do what you want! They all will listen BUT the Dem will LIE to you. I contacted that Dem and told him he was simply a liar and he was not my rep. I go outside the Voting offices. You can contact ANY Congress Person in your State OR another State. You can contact the committees and talk to someone or call ANY Congress Person on the WH line. California will not let outsiders in.

  6. 100% right Mr. President, and someday this just may happen just like the evil Democrats are trying to do to you with this Ilegal and un-warranted Impeachment. Impeach these evil Democrats.

    • The politicians are not the only people involved. THERE exists Malevolent, Vicious, Malicious PEOPLE in this Country who want things done THEIR WAY or no way! They are selfish, hateful people like Kristine Ford, Pelosi, Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters Hillary and MEN and All their friends (VOTERS) who THINK they deserve MORE than anyone else alive. THEY WILL get what they deserve when the dust settles!

  7. i don’t think the democratic party has took into consideration that if they do some how impeach the president the real americans will put them in their place witch won’t be in politics

  8. Shiff is nothing but a liar and Polosis bad attack dog! I would trust him if I ran into him. I couldn’t trust anything that came out of his mouth so how can you trust how he is running this so called impeachment inquiry when you can’t trust the man? Just like Nervous Nancy. I use to be able to trust what she said to a point but now she just blatantly lie’s to our face! Plus she is allowing socialism to seep into our country. Bad Nancy!!

  9. I guess this site goes through what you write censorship on post here because mine didn’t come up so. If they don’t like what you say they don’t post it not good I think all democrats should be tried for treason then shot or hung for the crimes they have done since 1940 let go back that far to try and get all of their back door deals and lies they have told us for years.

  10. I guess this site goes through what you write censorship on post here because mine didn’t come up so. If they don’t like what you say they don’t post it not good I think all democrats should be tried for treason then shot or hung for the crimes they have done since 1940 let go back that far to try and get all of their back door deals and lies they have told us for years.

  11. I agree a lot more Democrats are having their eyes open to the truth about the Democrats and their Shady deals and their back room Justice if we hadn’t done that to Obama you are the been screaming to the tops of their lungs and I guarantee that the Republicans are watching as well as the Democrats and we got a whole lot of Democrats that are ready to vote for President Trump because of their actions you bird actions are louder than words for the Democrats keep screaming that they are not going to fax the United States it’s all about them and their social ideas to destroy the United States

    • Do not listen to the Lying News. I do not even watch except to see what lies they are publicizing on a subject. Clinton has Paid off media and every lawyer/Judge in this Country that was on their side. The Clintons have a playbook and they set their “plans” into motion during the GHW Bush VP/POTUS days. They met with their MINIONS and planned ALL that has happened.
      I would venture to guess the Clintons began their “plans’ when they met.
      * GHW Bush helped Bill Clinton get into WH and protected the Clintons since.

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