Tucker Carlson Blasts Biden For Telling Americans To “Lower Our Expectations”

In an opinion piece he wrote for Fox News on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson had some stinging criticism for the Biden administration. His piece reiterated his take in his monologue on the Tuesday episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Carlson asked that we look back to last year for the day when America changed. Although it may not have been evident at the time, he recalls a day in Minneapolis during the height of the Black Lives Matter riots following the killing of George Floyd.

He described the burnings and looting of stores leading up to the burning of the Minneapolis Third Precinct police station. Carlson also noted how no police stations were burned down even in the chaos of the 1992 Los Angeles riots following the Rodney King trial. It was, of course, because there were police inside, and as representatives of the law, they would not have allowed that.

Tucker pointed out that if police decide to let police stations get burned down without resistance, the “whole system will crumble.” The message is that the mob is in charge because police cannot protect the public when they cannot even protect themselves. Legitimate authority no longer exists.

During the monologue, a short clip of a “journalist” from NBC standing in front of burning buildings in Minneapolis as he described the riots as “peaceful protests.” Then a clip was shown of Don Lemon from CNN saying that he is “not judging this,” and saying that the country was started because of rioting at the Boston Tea Party. He went on to directly compare the Minneapolis riots and the founding of the United States.

Tucker tried to laugh Lemon off by saying it is “totally normal” to believe that Sam Adams torched and looted stores to start the country. He then said that idea is, of course, “grotesquely untrue,” and only someone who is “historically illiterate” could believe it.

Carlson made the comparison to Biden’s pitiful attempts to convince us all that empty store shelves are now normal. The administration tries to sell us the idea that “lowering our expectations” is somehow noble or patriotic. The message not to complain comes “directly from the people who are making your life worse and destroying the country,” meaning the White House.

Tucker boiled down the White House’s message as, “Shut up, Karen.” That is appropriate as the entire message of the administration is that they are without blame of any sort for anything ordinary Americans might be “selfishly” complaining about.