Twitter Bans User Who Unveiled Pedophile Flag

Twitter has reported that it has gotten rid of a user who posted a design for a pedophile flag.

An account called @ZeebDemon put out the ‘Youth Attracted Person’ flag on Tuesday in celebration of “Alice Day,” which according to Fox News is an unofficial holiday where people who prey on children exchange stories and tips online.

“Happy Alice Day, to those who celebrate!” read the now-removed post. “I figured, why not use today to unveil the YAP (Youth Attracted Person) pride flag I designed almost a year ago.”

The flag had a set of blue, yellow, red, and purple lines. Fox News reported that the account was suspended by the platform on Wednesday.

After being lauded for his decision to suspend the account that seemingly was attempting to justify pedophilia, Musk wrote in a Twitter reply, “Not tolerated on this platform.”

American journalist Savanah Hernandez appeared to suggest that the U.S. government refused to do anything about massively inappropriate content on Twitter’s platform, with nothing being done to address it until the social media giant took on new leadership.

The controversial concept of calling people “minor-attracted persons” rather than “pedophiles,” has been seen before. Allyn Walker, a self-identifying “non-binary” professor of sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion University raised eyebrows after he or she promoted the idea about a year ago.

At the time, Walker argued that usage of the relatively-new term is “less stigmatizing” than other words such as “pedophile.”

Christian Broadcasting Network noted that Musk drew heat in November 2022 after he massively scaled down the size of a Twitter team dedicated to addressing the exploitation of children on the platform.

At the time, Bloomberg claimed that “people familiar with the matter” indicated that Twitter experts were overwhelmed following the changes. During the week prior to the report, Musk posted on the platform that “removing child exploitation is priority #1” and urged users to “reply in the comments if you see anything that Twitter needs to address.”