Twitter Bans Wired Journalist For Distributing Walsh’s Hacked Materials

Influential conservative commentator Matt Walsh was allegedly hacked Tuesday by a person calling themselves “Doomed,” and now a journalist is in hot water. A senior reporter for Wired was banished from Twitter for circulating materials hacked from Walsh’s various accounts.

Dell Cameron of Wired reportedly solicited Walsh’s stolen materials, tweeting that “they got into everything” and asking for users to send what they see to him.

Cameron then wrote a Wednesday piece for the outlet in which he related an interview he conducted with “Doomed.” The hacker told him he was “merely bored” and felt like “stirring up some drama.”

Personal information such as private emails, tax documents and financial transactions were pilfered and distributed. Hackers apparently sent vulgar and offensive messages through his breached Twitter account.

Cameron allegedly posted screenshots of hacked materials on Twitter, which earned him a permanent suspension.

The method used by the hacker is called SIM swapping. Microsoft said the process of swapping — or hijacking — is used by criminals to gain access to your phone number.

With this data in hand, they may use two-factor identification to penetrate bank accounts, social media accounts, and other highly personal information.

These fraudsters are many times able to convince mobile carriers to move the victim’s phone number to another SIM card. With that in hand, they are free to access the victim’s accounts through the redirecting of authentication codes to their own devices.

The Blaze confirmed that co-CEO and co-founder of the Daily Wire Jeremy Boreing said the hacking of Walsh’s accounts accessed years of personal emails.

He wisely asked, “What scandalous information will the hackers find in Matt’s email? I do not know. I’m sure I said things in my twenties that I wouldn’t feel great having aired publicly.”

Boreing recounted that just within the past 24 hours, YouTube demonetized Walsh over speaking the scientific truth about transgender celebrity Dylan Mulvaney. Another Daily Wire voice, Brett Cooper, was permanently banned from TikTok.

Yet another Daily Wire mouthpiece, Michael Knowles, had his own violent encounter with radical leftists within the same 24-hour period. He was burned in effigy and had to be evacuated at the University of Pittsburgh due to a riot by offended trans activists.