Twitter Jail For Leftist Accounts

With Elon Musk in charge, many changes are constantly a brew on Twitter. The new CEO is uncovering many problems that have gone unhandled for years on the platform that he says has been “really bad” for the world. He is committed to free speech and ensuring that Twitter no longer promotes a leftist narrative.

Users on the social media site have watched Musk’s discoveries in real time as he tweets whenever something new seems to unfold. When he found the pile of “stay woke” t-shirts hidden in the HQ closet, Musk blew up the myth about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. He said that far-left San Francisco views had been propagated via Twitter.

Musk has made it clear he believes conservatives suffered the most suspensions and abuse in past years on the platform, and there has been a double standard with no consequences for leftists. The public knows that Musk loves to test his theories. So, he’s been gathering real-time evidence by suspending leftist accounts that have engaged in harassment and threatening remarks toward conservatives. People on the left finally suffer consequences in ways they have not before.

With Musk’s Twitter, rules are applied equally among users. Anyone can be suspended for threats regardless. No longer are the days when accounts get suspended simply for unpopular opinions or beliefs someone with authority on the platform disagrees with. One of the most critical issues Twitter is addressing is accounts involving child exploitation. The old Twitter team was quick to suspend congressional members and the former president, but they never handled pedophilia accounts.

As members of the left have an existential crisis over suspended accounts, hate speech has been drastically reduced on the platform. But this may only be the case for a short time. Even though Musk has suspended accounts, he has announced that he will grant amnesty for those accounts beginning next week.

Essentially, we now have Twitter Jail. If accounts have not “broken the law or engaged in egregious spam,” they will be restored. Many leftists are angry at this too. Even though most hate speech has gone down since their accounts have been suspended, some say that Musk will bring back white supremacy in a big way once he provides amnesty. Further proving, Musk can’t win.