Twitter Users Pile On Kinzinger Over Ray Epps Comments

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has come under fire from Twitter users over a comment he made about Ray Epps and the House GOP investigation for his role in the January 6 protests.

Kinzinger’s woe began when Social Commentator Eric Matheny tweeted that the House GOP needs to investigate Ray Epps, who was seen on video encouraging a crowd to enter the Capitol building.

“In terms of culpability, Ray Epps is on video encouraging a crowd to riot and admitted such in a sworn statement (I also orchestrated it),” Matheny wrote. “House GOP has an obligation to find out his role, who he was communicating with, and who in power helped set up the events of January 6th.”

While many people were in agreement with Matheny, the tweet got Kinzinger, who was one of the two Republicans on the January 6 Committee, defensive. Kinzinger said Matheny’s claim was “literally completely untrue.”

Kinzinger’s comment landed him in hot water with users on Twitter. One user told Kinzinger that he lies every time he breathes, while another said, “He (Ray Epps) was literally caught on camera, literally saying it, you liar!”

One user said Kainzinger was suffering from “TDS,” an acronym for Trump derangement syndrome. The user said those suffering from TDS, like Kinzinger, have the “ability to stare at the noonday sun and deny its existence.”

Users also criticized Kinzinger over his response to Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) regarding Ray Epps. Massie accused the January 6 committee of abandoning all pretense of legitimacy when they “bent over backward to exonerate Ray Epps.

House Democrats released a transcript of the January 6 committee’s interview with Epps. The transcript revealed that Epps told the committee that he was in front of the crowd and that he orchestrated the whole thing. Multiple videos also showed Epps telling protesters to go into the Capitol.


Despite sending several Trump supporters to jail for setting foot in the Capitol, The Justice Department has still not charged Epps for his role surrounding the January 6 events. The DOJ’s failure to charge Epps has left many wondering if he was an undercover FBI agent.