US Catholic Bishops Prohibit Gender Altering Surgeries In Catholic Hospitals

Declaring that no one is born in the “wrong body,” U.S. Catholic bishops emphatically banned gender surgeries and treatments on patients in Catholic facilities.

The statement is the “Doctrinal Note on the Moral Limits to Technological Manipulation of the Human Body.” It prohibits medical procedures, such as puberty blockers and gender reassignment, that interfere with the natural state of human beings.

The bishops asserted that these “treatments” do not support the authentic good of the human being and in fact cause injuries.

According to the doctrinal note, “Catholic health care services must not perform interventions, whether surgical or chemical,” that change the characteristics of the human body into those of the opposite gender “or take part in the development of such procedures.”

The bishops noted that advanced technology offers a wide array of critical treatments to enhance life and cure many ailments.

However, it also “produces interventions that are injurious to the true flourishing of the human person” Such actions include treatments for “gender dysphoria” or “gender incongruence” and fail to respect that the soul is united with a body that is “differentiated.”

A basic tenet of Christianity, according to the bishops, is that God created humanity and there is an “order” to nature. This order, they explained, “is good.”

Being created in the image of the Creator, humanity has a special place within nature. The bishops added that mankind did not “create human nature” and thus we do not “own” our nature in that we may deviate in any way we please.

As for the “wrong body” argument, the Catholic bishops flatly reject this notion. “The soul does not come into existence on its own and somehow happen to be in this body as if it could just as well be in a different body,” they said.

Therefore, it is impossible for a soul to be in the wrong body.

The bishops instructed Catholic health services to provide all appropriate care to lessen the suffering of those struggling with gender issues. That care, however, “must respect the fundamental order of the human body.”

These clear directives fly in the face of the Biden administration’s complete embrace of gender fluidity. It will not be a surprise to see blowback from federal officials and LGBT activists against Catholic hospitals exercising their steadfast religious beliefs.