Utah’s Staggs Challenges Out-of-Touch Romney

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), once the esteemed 2012 GOP presidential nominee, seems to have steadily distanced himself from the constituents he promised to serve. Romney’s past pledge of being the voice of Utah’s values in Washington is now under scrutiny, as Utah GOP Senate Candidate, Trent Staggs, asserts the senator’s disconnect from the people he represents.

In an interview this weekend on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday, Staggs accentuated the perceived hypocrisy surrounding Romney. Drawing attention to the former presidential hopeful’s interactions with ex-President Donald Trump, Staggs noted, “Here’s a guy in Romney that used Trump’s endorsement from the president, and then in 2016, goes out, calls him a phony and a fraud.”

According to Staggs, if Romney had directed the same aggression toward then-President Barack Obama in 2012 that he currently shows for Trump, the political scenario might have been different today.

Romney’s opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, advocating for a clear primary path for a single candidate to eliminate competition for someone to oppose President Trump, drew criticism from Staggs, who noted Romney’s disconnect from the GOP base. “He’s just so out of touch,” emphasized Staggs. He referenced a recent Utah event where attendees spoke unfavorably of Romney, reflecting polling data placing Romney’s favorability between 30 to 40%.

Touting the bold actions and leadership demonstrated by the Trump administration, Staggs commended Trump for reducing the size of national monuments in Utah and implementing federal tax cuts in 2017. According to Staggs, these actions benefited Utah and demonstrated authentic leadership, contrasting Romney’s tenure. The Riverton Mayor remarked on Romney’s failed promises to Utahns: “He made several promises, and his record doesn’t match up with those promises.”

And it’s not just Staggs who has noticed this deviation. With evidence showing that Romney has voted in line with Joe Biden’s agenda almost 60% of the time, concerns arise about his commitment to conservatism. Further widening the gap is his support for controversial figures like notorious never-Trumper former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and notable absences from Utah’s last two Republican conventions.

Stepping up to bridge this disconnect, Trent Staggs, currently serving as the Mayor of Riverton, Utah, is positioning himself as a fresh alternative. Endorsed by organizations like Utah’s Fraternal Order of Police and supported by numerous municipal officeholders, Staggs is focused on representing the true voice of Utahns.

Speaking recently with The Federalist, Staggs confidently shared, “Conservatives nationwide understand how important it is to replace Mitt Romney with a real conservative. He’s disconnected from Utahns. I’m an America First candidate.”

Staggs is poised to challenge the status quo, stressing accessibility and fostering a genuine connection with constituents. His platform emphasizes reducing federal spending, advocating for a balanced budget amendment, and establishing energy independence. His vision is clear: “We don’t have a revenue problem – We have a spending problem.”

As the 2024 elections loom, it’s apparent that Utahns need someone deeply rooted in their values, committed to genuine representation, and unafraid to challenge the GOP establishment.