Vaccine Coercion Has Deadly Implications Across The Country

As the days go by, it is becoming more evident that the evidence shows that the COVID-19 vaccine mandates affecting much of the country are futile and are destroying whatever credibility the Biden administration may have left. On Thursday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) wrote an opinion piece for The Federalist about the continuing harm of the mandates crippling businesses and governmental agencies.

The corporate media and the White House have struggled to hold on to the insistence that mandates are needed against mounting proof that natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity and that the previously infected do not medically need to be vaccinated.

It is also becoming more apparent that vaccinated persons are still getting infected and transmitting the coronavirus. It is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Side effects and injuries from the vaccines are likely occurring at more excellent rates than governmental authorities have been willing to admit.

Commentators who have been attempting to report on these facts have been vilified by the media even as mandates have significant negative impacts.

New York state sees many doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals leaving their jobs or being fired because of vaccine mandates. Many professionals in similar positions will cease to provide critically needed patient care in many different locations around the country.

Lt. Col. Theresa Long’s experiences as a member of the military tell a scary story. She has become an outcast among her senior commanders, and her medical license is being challenged. She has been removed from her duties after reporting pericarditis side effects in service members she has treated. Long has great concern that the health of pilots and America’s military readiness is being compromised in exchange for very little return in the battle against COVID.

Last weekend’s Southwest Airlines flight delays indicate mandatory harm that is sure to increase. Although official releases maintain that the delays are not related to a reaction to vaccine mandates, multiple reports confirm that employees with Southwest and elsewhere are preparing even more involved demonstrations against orders.

Vaccinations among pilots have led to reports of significant side effects, including one who sustained partial blindness and severe migraine headaches over two days. His physician told him that he had suffered a series of “micro strokes” after his vaccination. He did not report his side effects to the medical examiner with the Federal Aviation Administration out of fear of losing his pilot certification.

Because vaccines do not stop transmission or infection, America is forcing people to choose between their freedom and making a living as a free person.