Victorious Amazon Union Organizers Tell AOC Her Bandwagon Support is Not Needed

The successful effort to unionize Staten Island Amazon workers last week was cheered by everyone from organized labor advocates to President Joe Biden, but organizers have a pointed message for Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Concerning her bandwagon support at the finish line, organizer Connor Spence said, “we don’t need it now.” Christian Smalls, the force widely credited with spearheading the historic vote at the Amazon facility, responded even more forcefully when asked about her attempts to hitch a ride in their celebration. “Hell, no,” he replied. “She don’t deserve this moment.”

Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Ouch.

“Squad” member AOC canceled her scheduled appearance at an August rally last year for the unionization effort at the last minute. For justification, she cited everything from “scheduling conflicts” and “security concerns” to ominous “death threats.”

The representative even fell back on the excuse that the Amazon warehouse is not in her district. Smalls responded via Twitter that “workers from your district definitely commute to Staten Island” before imploring her to do her “due diligence.”

Leaders of the movement were so disappointed they admit to not bothering to invite her to a follow-up rally in December. For her part, AOC was not nearly so concerned with her safety when she attended the ritzy Met gala in a “tax the rich” dress just a few weeks later. And she notably led the effort to defeat Amazon’s proposed 25,000 job world headquarters in Queens in 2019.

Ocasio-Cortez is not the only progressive lawmaker drawing the ire of the union organizers. Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was also conspicuous in his absence from the push to organize workers.

Workers at the Staten Island facility chose to become part of the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) by an over 500-vote margin, despite efforts by Amazon to resist unionization. The company expressed disappointment in the vote and is considering filing objections to the “inappropriate and undue influence by the NLRB” they say occurred during the election process.

There’s no question that Ocasio-Cortez and other prominent lawmakers lead busy lives, and they cannot be expected to attend every event their supporters ask them to. But to race to the finish line to bask in the glow of victory after shunning the trenchwork of the underdog effort is not a good look. Especially after wearing a “tax the rich” dress at a $35,000 per ticket event.