Violent Pro-Abortion Extremists Deflect Blame to Pro-Lifers

Leftist radicals face the unenviable task of defending violent incidents carried out by pro-abortion activists for weeks. Firebombings and vandalism are everywhere for anyone who cares to look.

Even their legacy media partners have a difficult time deflecting blame, but they are trying. Ever since the unprecedented leak of a draft decision on Roe, protestors have crossed the line from vandalism to outright violence.

The leftist media is hyperventilating over reports of the “far right” prepping against a fantasy “night/summer of rage.” Where did this “night of rage” idea come from and why are some believers taking to social media and calling for protecting America’s churches?

Straight from the source actually.

Pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge, believed to be a loosely-knit string of anarchist cells, publicly takes credit for the series of recent attacks. Their clear message is to “burn,” to “cut,” and they boast of finding “joy” in attacking.

Yet, for someone who believes the mainstream media, it’s the oppressive conservatives who are ripping the nation apart. Did a MAGA supporter attempt to assassinate a sitting Supreme Court justice over a ruling yet to be made?

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) declared on MSNBC that “there is a war out there” and that “we’ve got to armor up.” Does this qualify as incitement?

ABC News trotted out a report by the National Abortion Federation on Friday claiming violence against abortion providers rose last year. Why release this Friday? It’s simple deflection as their radical minions are inflicting a wave of violence on churches and pro-life organizations.

The media, of course, will declare the demonstrators “mostly peaceful.” And no need to fabricate evidence when leftist’s own words reveal the debased thought processes necessary to fall in line with their dogma.

For an example of the mindset of the radical abortion crowd, look no further than former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s defense of late-term abortion. Media outlets desperately cried that his comments were “taken out of context,” “distorted,” or otherwise misrepresented.

The pediatric surgeon-turned-politician told a Washington radio station in 2019 that a third trimester abortion may involve severe deformities or non-viability. He further explained that “the infant would be delivered” and “kept comfortable.”

Then the “infant would be resuscitated” if the mother and family wanted it to be. At that point the doctors and mothers would discuss it.

“The infant.” His words.

No explanation is needed for the violence he openly advocated, and no defense washes away the societal stain that comes from allowing such atrocities. No, it is not conservatives committing these acts of violence, no matter what the media wants us to believe.