Washington Post Columnist Dunks On Democrats

There’s no denying the economy plays a very big role in the upcoming midterm elections. Unlike other issues, economic problems are in the faces of the American people at every single turn.

Democrats want the nation to believe the economy isn’t really doing as poorly as it is.

They claim that inflation is because of Russia and argue the benefits of spending packages have yet to kick in. Unfortunately, inflation predates the Russia-Ukraine war. Furthermore, federal spending is the cause of inflation, not the solution.

At the end of the day, the left-wing lies just aren’t hitting home. On Friday, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus addressed this issue head-on.

Dismantling Left-wing Lies
While speaking with PBS NewsHour, Marcus explained inflation is so bad that no one believes Democrats who insist wages are keeping up. In fact, wages are falling so far behind inflation that some Americans are going to the dollar store to find their groceries.

The Washington Post columnist also revealed that when it comes to the economy, Democrats lack talking points that are “coherent” and therefore can’t run on the economy ahead of November.

Unfortunately, Americans have gotten a front-row seat to just how incoherent left-wing talking points on the economy are. Weeks ago, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was slammed online for saying the Biden administration created “ten thousand million” jobs.

Americans know better than this, especially those who are being furloughed by employers trying to dunk Biden’s inflation crisis.

Democrats in Denial
Despite the clear data and real-world evidence showing the current state of the economy, Democrats won’t admit the truth. They are still blaming “price gouging” for higher market costs while denying the role of wasteful federal spending.

During a recent MSNBC interview, Biden brushed aside polling that shows most voters trust Republicans over Democrats when it comes to the economy. When asked about this data, the president said he wasn’t “sure” about the polls because of how they’re conducted.

Though in the past, Biden hasn’t hesitated to embrace polls that seemed to favor his narratives and political party.

In order for this country to even have a chance at a comeback, a change in federal leadership is going to have to happen. How the midterms pan out will largely determine the fate of America’s future.