Weekly Biden Report Card: A No Good, Rotten Week

President Joe Biden spent another weekend away from Washington, where political storms have put his domestic and foreign policies to the test. However, Democrats are already at odds with Republicans over the $3.5 trillion spending spree. Afghanistan has gotten out of control, and inflation continues to skyrocket. Both the two graders, John Zogby and Jed Babbin, agreed that it was one of Biden’s worst weeks. Democratic pollster John Zogby assigned a D to the week, describing it as absolutely terrible. In contrast, Conservative Jed Babbin gave Biden an F for praising corrupt New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Democratic pollster John Zogby, who gave Biden a D, stated there is no way to spin this week in his favor. It’s been a horrible week. Progressives such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continue to oppose the harsh infrastructure bill. Nothing is guaranteed, despite overwhelming bipartisan support in the Senate. Meanwhile, the president and Democrats suffered another setback in the battle for voting rights. Despite a decline in new unemployment claims last week, consumer confidence is at its lowest level in a decade.

Furthermore, the Taliban are advancing on Kabul and other regional capitals. It has risen in intensity after the final evacuation of US troops from that barren region. Biden confronted a challenging situation, with widespread popular resistance to military involvement in Afghanistan, an insecure and weak Kabul administration, and a hesitant military. Taliban re-emergence was inescapable, and they are reportedly punishing people as well as harassing women. Regardless of the merits of the president’s withdrawal policy, this tragic tale has a foreboding conclusion under his leadership.

Following that, Jed Babbin, who graded Biden and his team an F for their support for corrupt New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Afghanistan debacle, stated that it was another dumpster fire week for Biden and his team. To begin, Cuomo had been charged with sexual harassment of at least 11 women, violating both federal and state law. Instead of being sued, he quit, and Biden commended him for his “heck of work.” The botched pullout of American soldiers from Afghanistan by Biden backfired. On July 8, the Taliban did not soon reclaim the country. Early this week, the White House claimed that the Afghan National Security Forces are fully armed and ready to defend the country. Apart from the desire to battle. Intelligence analysts anticipated Kabul’s collapse to occur within 90 days. It may happen in two weeks. Then Biden directed the deployment of 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to assist in evacuating US civilians and Afghans who had helped them.

Additionally, Nearly 210,000 illegal immigrants entered the nation in July, the highest monthly total in 21 years. Everyone is admitted except for some Cubans who are denied entry due to their potential to vote Republican. COVID is present in 40% of individuals arrested as well as released in Laredo, Texas. However, Biden Inflation continues to run at a rate of around 5.4 percent per year, erasing any gains in real incomes (about 2.2 percent over the last year). Therefore, he believes the Democrats are on the brink of enacting another $1 trillion or more in government spending.