White House Evacuated After Secret Service Discovers Cocaine

The White House was briefly evacuated over the weekend after a Secret Service agent discovered a white powder that ended up testing positive for cocaine.

The agent found the cocaine while patrolling the West Wing of the White House on Sunday evening. While the substance is currently undergoing additional testing, it has already been identified as cocaine.

“We have a yellow bar stating cocaine hydrochloride,” a Washington, D.C. firefighter stated in a radio communication to a Hazmat team, according to the New York Post. “Bag it up and take it out.”

Officials have thus far refused to reveal the exact location where the Secret Service agent found the cocaine — but have claimed that it was not in the executive mansion where the Biden family lives. In a vague statement, officials claimed that it was found in “a work area in the West Wing.”

However, several journalists have reported that the cocaine was found in the library of the executive mansion — directly contradicting claims from the White House.

While Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi refused to provide specifics about the discovery, he noted that “an investigation into the cause and manner” of how the cocaine ended up in the White House is currently underway.

Meanwhile, many have pointed out the likely culprit — President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who is a known cocaine addict.

Biden and his family, including Hunter, had just left for Camp David prior to the discovery of the cocaine.

According to the Daily Mail, “The discovery came two days after recovering drug addict Hunter, 52, was last seen at the White House as he headed to Camp David with his father for the long holiday weekend.”

The outlet went on to try to defend Hunter Biden, claiming that the “White House library is part of the public tour experienced by hundreds daily, meaning there could be multiple suspects.”

However, there are many security checks performed on visitors of the White House that would likely prevent anyone from bringing drugs into the building — while the president’s son likely does not undergo the same screening, as many Twitter users pointed out.

“Hunter is a coke head,” wrote Rogan O’Handley, otherwise known as DC Draino, adding: “Hunter can enter the White House w/ fewer security precautions than other visitors.”

“He just left w/Joe Biden for Camp David this weekend,” he continued. “The coke was found this wknd[.] Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here.”

“The small bag of cocaine found in the White House Library just happened to be in the same room where Hunter Biden used his laptop. Immediately following the evacuation the Secret Service assumed it belonged to Hunter. The White House attempted to discredit reports from the Hazmat team that the ‘unknown substance’ was cocaine. The Secret Service did not collect fingerprints from the bag as they knew Hunter had left it behind,” claimed popular Twitter user, @amuse.

“Now that there was cocaine found in the West Wing, maybe Joe Biden needs a drug test in addition to a cognitive test,” wrote another popular Twitter user, ALX.