Woke Educators And Teachers Unions Destroying Public Education

If a single positive emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic fiasco, it was that U.S. parents are now much more involved in their children’s education. The curtain was pulled back and families could see what their children are subjected to through woke public schools.

Parents who previously had just a minimum level of involvement in their kids’ schooling are now much more engaged.

They clearly see the woke indoctrination that passes for teaching in 2023, and it’s not pretty.

Though the depths that education has plunged into are not new, they are now glaringly apparent for all to see. And the fault lies largely with powerful teachers’ unions and the fawning teachers who follow their edicts.

The dire situation has its roots in the 1960s when traditionalism faded and liberalism first appeared behind classroom doors. A generation of teachers, most of whom became union supporters, were taught that it was their job to reeducate the youth of America into leftist doctrines.

The rise of woke radicalism in the past few years only made the situation worse.

Teachers’ unions and their leftist media allies joined forces to combat the surge of parental involvement in education. Those with the gall to push back against classroom indoctrination were accused of being wild-eyed right-wingers who wanted to “whitewash” history.

Still others, with collusion from federal investigators, went further and labeled these concerned parents “domestic terrorists.” This collision course played out in several midterm races last year and will certainly be at the forefront of the 2024 presidential election.

Even critics on the left see the danger in alienating parents with ideological classroom instruction. The Washington Post noted that public trust in educators “is plunging.”

And speaking of elections, the Wall Street Journal reported that education is now a priority issue for a staggering 60% of registered voters. After all, nearly every parent is overwhelmingly concerned with their child’s well-being.

And to have strangers under the sway of radical teachers’ unions preaching to their children is not what parents want. Public education is standing at the edge of the cliff, and the woke curriculum combined with social engineering is pushing it over the edge.