Woke School Board Member Resigns After Hiring Backlash

A Pennsylvania school member is stepping down after fierce backlash over racist and discriminatory remarks she made last week over choosing a new board president.

Board director Jennifer Solot of the Upper Moreland Township School District inflamed critics by declaring she would not select “the only cis White male” in line for the position. Her comments came despite her assertion that he would be an “excellent” choice.

Leftists use the term “cis,” short for “cisgender,” to designate those who follow their gender assigned at birth.

In an open meeting, Solot said that choosing Greg D’Elia “sends the wrong message to our community.” She added that the message delivered would be “contrary to what we as a board have been trying to accomplish.”

Following her speech, eight members voted for D’Elia’s opponent and he cast the only ballot in his favor. Solot was the only member to speak out against him due to his race and gender.

A statement signed by board president April Stainback and superintendent Susan Elliot said that Solot “wishes to apologize.” She is stepping down, according to the release, since she “does not want to be a distraction” from the accomplishments of the school district.

The statement further recommitted the district to valuing “the full diversity of the community.” This presumably includes cis White males.

The statement concluded by thanking the outgoing member for her five years of service.

D’Elia, who is a father of three and had the support of local Democrats, said that Solot’s public comments “reflect poorly on our community” and do not help its diversity efforts.

Those efforts include the recent formation of a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging committee. Leadership said the panel will work to “inform policies and practices” throughout the school district and promote “best practices to support belongingness and equity.”

Endorsing discrimination and rejecting diversity are not ways to address equity and inclusion. Too often in 2022 America leftists use the exclusion of those outside their preferred groups as a method of “leveling the playing field.” This, however, is nothing more than more discrimination.