Zelenskyy Claims He’s Committed To Pursuing Peace

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he will push for peace between Russia and Ukraine despite the actions of the Russian forces in Ukraine. He has refused to make the concessions Russia has asked for and has continued to push for NATO membership and thereby continue the security threats that caused the invasion, but he has hopes that there are other strategies to cease the war that is crippling his country.

As reported by the New York Post, Zelenskyy was quoted saying that although no one wants to negotiate with people who have caused harm to your country, it’s a very understandable sentiment.

Vladimir Putin has been heavily criticized and condemned for invading Ukraine and plunging Eastern Europe into war. The Russian military allegedly committed war crimes against the Ukrainians, which are being uncovered as they retreat from the capital city Kyiv.

The Ukrainian forces are uncovering mass graves of people and unearthing the bodies of civilians in the streets of the city as Russia is pushed back. They have also identified marks of torture and execution by inspecting the bodies. Most of them showed that their hands had been tied behind their back as they were fatally shot in the back of the skull.To add to the list of crimes, Russia is also accused of bombing civilian centers such as hospitals and train stations.

Zelenskyy argues that Ukraine doesn’t want to lose any opportunities to solve this diplomatically as they are fighting for life, and there is nothing to fight for if the cities are destroyed, and the people have been killed.

It is believed that as Russia withdraws from Kyiv, it prepares to regroup and attack Donbas in the eastern part of Ukraine. Zelenskyy equates the Ukrainian forces fighting on the eastern front to be the heart of the struggle and urges Ukrainian allies to help more. He believes the arms supplies Ukraine is receiving are not nearly enough given the circumstances.

Although Zlenskyy states that he favors making peace with Russia and settling things diplomatically, he rejected the offer for peace in March. The Israeli leadership has suggested that Ukraine can take steps like altering the constitution to prevent it from joining NATO and recognizing Crimea as Russian region, and Luhansk and Donetsk as independent states could help convince Russia to stop the invasion.