Fox News Trolled By Viewer Praising Tucker Carlson

Fox News was recently trolled by a viewer who called the network and praised Tucker Carlson while questioning the network’s credibility.

During breaking news coverage of a shooting at Morgan State University, Fox News host Trace Gallagher announced, “We’re going to talk to another student, his name is Tyrone, and he’s telling us that this might have been over a poker game.”

Gallagher then asked “Tyrone” what unfolded during the shooting.

“We all get together every Tuesday night, and we watch Tucker Carlson’s show on X. We used to watch him on Fox News. Obviously, he’s not there no more, and still being the most credible guy in the media in America, we always get together to watch Tucker Carlson,” the caller began.

“And, I think he’s doing probably better now that he’s not with Fox News because the corporate media always controls what the teleprompter readers are able to say. And now that he doesn’t have that hand up his back—” he added.

Gallagher then interrupted Tyrone and told his producers to remove the prank caller and get the previous guest back on the phone.

“Maybe we can work to get Don back on the phone?” Gallagher asked. “Clearly, that was not a student at Morgan State University,”

Carlson, who was fired from Fox News without explanation, began a new show on X, formerly known as Twitter. The conservative firebrand’s new show has garnered millions of followers more than Fox News.

After Carlson was fired from the network, he was eventually replaced by Fox News host Jesse Watters in the 8 p.m. time slot. Watters currently averages 2.4 million viewers, a steep decline from the 3.5 million that Carlson averaged just before his ouster in February 2023, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Arguably, Carlson has been far more successful on X compared to his time on Fox News. His new show has repeatedly outperformed that of his former employer.

For example, 265 million viewers tuned in to Carlson’s X interview with former President Donald Trump in September 2023, surpassing the usual viewership of Carlson’s previous show on Fox News, which usually attracted 3 million viewers, according to The Milli Chronicle.