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About Conservative America Today

Conservative America Today has a pulse on news affecting Americans — without the liberal bias seen in mainstream media. We understand, report, and provide the news Americans with traditional values want to see, while respecting the men and women serving our communities and nation in our cities, at home, and abroad.

If you’re tired of government overspending, liberal obstruction in Congress, and seeing bills to protect life slow because of liberals’ lack of morals, it’s time to pay attention to Conservative America Today.

A Focus on Integrity

Conservative America Today aims to bring integrity and lawfulness back to the news. We’re proud of our nation, and want to work to bring America back to its respectable glory. At Conservative America Today, we know it takes hard work to stay informed, push political initiatives, and instill change — and that the first step is being aware of what’s going on in the nation and around the world.

Our Team

Thank you so much for visiting Conservative America Today. We, like so many of you, are tired of the ongoing assault on our traditional, cherished American values. Our team formed to fulfill a goal – to bring honesty, truthfulness, and transparency back to the news.

The Conservative America Today Team

Our team is made up of passionate patriots. Each has a unique background that lends a great deal of perspective. Our combined experiences make it possible for us to relate to our readers, no matter what their career paths, historical backgrounds, religions, or ethnicities.

Experienced Journalists

The core of our journalism comes from experienced journalists who understand the importance of truth, transparency, and integrity. Not everyone started out as a journalism major, though. Some of our team members have served in the military, in law enforcement, as part of the corporate world, and throughout America’s farmlands. Each understands the importance of avoiding bias while presenting news our readers can actually relate to.

Editorial Guidelines

We here at Conservative America Today are nothing if not rooted in integrity and professionalism. We present our team with a strict set of editorial policies and guidelines and demand adherence at all times. We do not tolerate anything less than the best.

Ethical Reporting

Ethical reporting is paramount to the team here at Conservative America Today. Our writers and editors spend a great deal of time vetting stories, choosing what is most important to American patriots, and ensuring that the end result is free of liberal bias and mainstream manipulation. We do not tolerate personal attacks and handle reporting on sensitive topics with the utmost level of respect.

We accomplish all of this by adhering to strict standards. Our writers almost always provide their sources (unless ethically protected), fact check their work, and look to reliable sources. We always, no matter what our own opinions, remain rooted in fact-based reporting. You will not find editorial spin or analysis on our pages unless clearly indicated.