Christian Man Gets Visit From British Authorities Over Stating ‘Christians Need To Take A Stand’

Law enforcement in Great Britain recently visited a Christian man’s home over social media posts revealing concerns of a “police state” and “dictatorship” in the country.

On social media, the Christian British man said, “Now you’ve turned up at my house ‘cause I went [to] see my priest.”

BizPac Review pointed out that the British government’s continued anti-speech laws have led to several dramatic moments in Canada and Europe where measures have favored certain demographics over others.

Days after witnessing a woman being arrested for praying silently near an abortion clinic, British cops decided to visit a man’s home after an attack on a Bishop in Australia led him to speak out online.

“So, specifically, you’re here because I said that Christians need to take a stand,” the man said in a video where two officers and a man claiming to be a nurse were making a house call.

“I’ve not got two police officers and a mental health nurse coming to see me because I went to the church and spoke to my local priest about what happened to the bishop in Australia and said ‘are we Christians supposed to take a stand?’” the man added.

“I’m not calling for violence or anything like that … this is discrimination against Christians right now, because if I was Islamic, and I said anything along them lines you wouldn’t care,” he continued.

Prior to the Christian man’s comments, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was preaching at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, Australia, when an attendee approached him and stabbed him repeatedly. The attack is being investigated by law enforcement, who referred to it as “a terrorist incident.”

As the bishop recovered at the hospital, he posted a message on social media forgiving te suspected assailant who allegedly targeted him with a knife.

“I say to him, ‘You’re my son. I love you and I will always pray for you. And whoever sent you to do this, I forgive them as well, in Jesus,” the bishop said.

While speaking with British authorities, the man could be heard asking, “So, why are you here today, sorry?”

“So what are the concerns you’re here for, ‘cause this is religious discrimination right now, you know? ‘Cause you wouldn’t be knocking on Muslims’ doors if they had this conversation,” he claimed.