DHS Warns Foreign Student Protesters Of Deportation

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Wednesday warned that foreign students are subject to deportation if they are suspended from their school. This came as anti-Israel protests continued unabated at Columbia University and other campuses.

You would think that, as guests of another country, these students would have the respect and decency to conduct themselves properly.

Certainly not to threaten the Jewish minority and force classes to resort to hybrid instruction.

Instead, these young adults attending school on student visas spout anti-semitic rhetoric and issue threats to their classmates. One political leader, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), posted on X, formerly Twitter, that those supporting Hamas terrorists should be shown the door.

The Republican declared, “Immediately deport all foreign students studying in the USA that support Hamas. We should also revoke federal student loans for any American student arrested for supporting Hamas.”

DHS authorities are authorized to deport anyone who violates the terms of their visa. However, the person is usually not removed from the U.S.

Instead, it means they will possibly be denied reentry in the future.

A DHS official explained to Fox News that international students are “in status” if they are making academic progress toward their degree. A temporary suspension does not definitively change that standing but could set in motion a route to removal proceedings.

The spokesperson added, “A temporary suspension, even if that were a final determination for a student, does not necessarily mean that the student would fall below ‘normal progress’ in his/her course of study.”

Apparently, there are enough bureaucratic hurdles in place to prevent the deportation of even a violent foreign student. But campuses must be brought under control, and the U.S. does not need to welcome one more Hamas supporter into the country.