Letitia James’ Race-Baiting On Full Display In Resurfaced Video

The more that far-left judges implicate their prosecution of former President Donald Trump will be “impartial,” the more Americans see the opposite.

In New York, the former president is being subjected to a civil fraud trial brought forth by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who can be seen in videos staring at Trump with a face of disgust.

James has been a Trump hater her whole life and ran on a campaign to “get Trump.” Despite such blatant disregard for the former president, she is allowed to prosecute him under today’s weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ).

We have now come to find out that James is not only a staunch Biden supporter and far-left hater of the former president, but she is a race-baiter as well, having spread an anti-White slogan in 2018, according to a recently resurfaced video.

In the video, James said, [The Trump administration is] too male, too pale and too stale!” as reported by PJ Media.

James then saw the opportunity, considering her far-left supporters were present, to begin a BLM-style chant.

In 2018, The Wrap reported on James’ comments, which came during the second day of “TheWrap’s BE Conference.” The then-public advocate called for more women in Congress.

“We have too many men in Congress who are pale, male, and stale,” James told the liberal-dominated crowd. “It’s time to change that,” James said at the time.

“We need more women in office, we need more women with fire in their belly, and they are in this room,” James continued. “Don’t be paralyzed by fear, put your high heels on, turn your red bottoms up, and just go seize it. I don’t want to quote rap right now, but I ‘started from the bottom, now I’m here.’”

Interestingly, the phrase “male, pale, and stale” has its page in the Oxford “Dictionary of Human Resources Management,” which defines it as “a phrase uttered to condemn an organization for being dominated by white, middle-aged men.”

Now we come to find out that James, a radical leftist, and Trump hater, is also a race-baiting racist who wishes to see White men perish from Congress.