New York Appellate Court Halts Cancellation Of Trump Business License

This week, in the New York civil case against former President Donald Trump, Judge Engoron ruled to have Trump’s business licenses canceled. On Friday, a judge halted that decision.

Former President Trump’s legal team sprung to action when Judge Engoron, the judge presiding over Trump’s civil case, placed a cancellation deadline for the business mogul’s business licenses. Trump’s legal team appealed the ruling and released a statement regarding Engoron’s actions.

“Terminating non-party business licenses without jurisdiction, without process, without statutory authority, without trial, and reason renders impossible the lawful operation of multiple businesses and threatens termination of hundreds of New York employees without any jurisdiction or due process.”

Appeals Judge Peter Moulton determined to intervene and halt the cancellation of the business licenses. He made the decision, however, to have the civil case continue against Trump’s requests to have it halted.

This civil case comes from a New York Attorney General Letitia James lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in 2022.

The case alleges that Trump committed fraud by overvaluing his real estate and business properties and holdings. There are seven total claims, where only one thus far has found Trump liable.

The coming weeks of the civil case will look at the other six claims that James is bringing. James is seeking $250 million in damages for the seven total claims.

This civil case is a non-jury trial. The verdict in the case will be found by Judge Engoron alone. There are rumors that the trial may continue through December before all seven claims are reviewed.

There have been several interesting issues with the case already. The case started with Trump speaking to the American people and news media following each trial day.

Judge Engoron has placed a gag order on Trump, prohibiting him from speaking to the media.

Judge Engoron has also faced opposition due to his attacks on Trump and his lack of experience dealing with the case in specific areas.

As the trial progresses, the American people will see Trump take the stand as a witness. Americans may also see an increasing number of appeals by Trump’s legal team.