Report Indicates Project Veritas Founder O’Keefe Under Active Investigation

James O’Keefe, the founder and former CEO of the conservative nonprofit Project Veritas, finds himself under the scrutiny of law enforcement. While some rush to point at claims of alleged misappropriation of funds, the broader perspective begs the question: Is this investigation a strategic play aimed at diverting attention from the controversial Ashley Biden diary incident?

Project Veritas gained substantial attention in the media landscape, particularly among conservative outlets, for its undercover methods to unveil potential improprieties among organizations, media outlets, and political figures. O’Keefe’s brainchild has, over the years, brought many significant issues into the limelight, gaining both applause and critique.

While allegations against O’Keefe include accusations of over-the-top personal expenses — charter flights, limo services, and extravagant event expenditures — one can’t ignore the backdrop against which these charges emerge. That includes the federal investigation into the procurement of President Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden’s belongings, which found its way to Project Veritas. While it’s essential to consider the financial claims against O’Keefe, it’s equally pivotal to question the timing and motivation behind such an investigation.

Jeffrey Lichtman, O’Keefe’s lawyer, suggests that the roots of the investigation may trace back to former employees with personal grudges, stating that these ex-employees took issue with “their CEO using too many car services to pay for fundraising efforts which paid their salaries.” Lichtman remains confident, declaring, “If it’s not ended, we will crush it in court.”

The larger narrative draws a complex picture of Project Veritas after O’Keefe was ousted. It’s been suggested that the current CEO, Hannah Giles, despite initially appearing as a beacon of hope for the organization, has faced challenges, particularly in fundraising and establishing a clear vision. This is notable given that Project Veritas’s financial health, as evidenced by IRS filings, was robust under O’Keefe’s leadership, bringing in more than $20 million in 2021.

However, in the ever-evolving media landscape, organizations are judged not just by their financial records but by their capability to withstand political pressures and maintain their mission’s integrity. O’Keefe’s removal, especially given the manner and timing, raises eyebrows. Is this about the alleged financial discrepancies, or is there a more extensive play in motion to silence voices, especially those that dared to touch sensitive topics like the Ashley Biden diary?

Hannah Giles stated that Project Veritas “did not initiate any potential investigation the Westchester DA’s office may be conducting concerning James O’Keefe.” Yet, the sudden dismissal of a significant portion of the Project Veritas team recently fueled the speculations. The decision to lay off staff executed impersonally via Microsoft Teams, portrays an image of an organization in chaos, a stark contrast to its former assertive and directive stance.

Here is a report from earlier this year regarding O’Keefe’s dust-up with the Project Veritas board: