Scotland’s First Minister Welcomes One Million Gaza Refugees

Scotland’s First Minister, Humza Yousaf, declared that the nation is ready to welcome refugees from Gaza as the war between Israel and Hamas rages on. He announced Wednesday on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that he was sending out the welcome wagon to the Middle East.

Yousaf declared, “The people of Gaza are a proud people. Many don’t want to leave, and shouldn’t have to. But for those displaced, who want to leave, there should be a worldwide refugee scheme. Scotland is willing to be a place of sanctuary and be the first country to take on those refugees.”

The Arab world has no interest in absorbing even one refugee from Gaza, so the next logical place to resettle the population is Scotland, right?

He then presumptuously urged other regions of the world, including the U.S., to take in the people who voted Hamas into power.

Yousaf posted another video on X in which he committed Scottish hospitals to tending to the wounded — of Gaza — in the war. He said that some of his own relatives are stranded in the region.

The Scottish first minister then chastised Israel for its reaction to being brazenly attacked. He acknowledged that the nation has the right to defend itself before adding that it is carrying out collective punishment in Gaza, which he claimed is illegal under international law.

The first minister of Scotland holds a position equal to that of a prime minister.

Making Scotland the first country to welcome Gazan refugees did not sit well with many on social media. One critic, Sushant Sareen, accused Yousaf of intending to flood the nation with Gazans, and “soon Scotch whiskey will be declared forbidden in Scotland.”

Another social media user, Olympus Mons, posted that “you couldn’t make this up. A Muslim Prime Minister telling the people that elected him, that he plans on bringing Muslims involved in a religious war…to a country of Christians.”

The user added, “This really needs studying because suicide cannot be a strategy!”

Still another social media critic said the nation did not vote for Yousaf as first minister. “I do not have a problem with diversity but I have a problem with taking refugees whose ethnic and religious neighbors won’t take.”