Nearly 50% Of Democrats Now Call Border Crisis ‘Invasion’

A recent poll done by Rasmussen Reports has found that more than half of Democratic voters believe the open southern border is in a “crisis” situation, and almost half would call the situation an “invasion.”

The poll reflects a troubling trend for Democrats in a presidential election year, causing many Democrats to openly decry the open southern border as well.

While Democrats have long got away with allowing an open border in the name of so-called “compassion,” the disaster is now just too large and average Americans are alarmed.

The issue of the open border has plagued the nation for decades as the uniparty in Washington has almost constantly blocked or refused to take up any measures to take any meaningful action on securing the border.

That all changed with the election of Donald Trump in 2016, when the Border Patrol was finally given the autonomy to actually do their jobs without federal interference and harassment and a border wall began to be either repaired in places it already existed or built in places it wasn’t.

While the border wall was never completed, it was effective in places it was built in combination with the Border Patrol’s efforts.

While Democrats long have accused Trump and his supporters of racism for wanting to secure the border, we have now finally come full circle as the Democrats have reaped what they’ve sown by allowing lawlessness to reign.

While nearly 50% of Democratic voters may call the border crisis and “invasion,” it is too little too late. Like the once prosperous and pleasant cities of Portland, Detroit and San Francisco, the nation is now suffering the dangerous consequences of Democratic policies run amok as crime waves sweep the nation and national security threats continue to increase.

However, there is a silver lining to this very dark cloud. Although the damage is, in many respects, already done, there is a chance that these voters may potentially not vote for Biden or may even swing to Trump in this year’s presidential election. With any luck and a persistent voter turn-out, there just might be a chance to finally secure the border and bring the lawlessness under control.