Ex-Biden Official: Suspected Terrorist Released Into US ‘Rare’

President Biden’s former Chief of Staff for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said in an interview with NBC News yesterday that the release of an Afghan man on a terror watchlist into the United States is “rare,” but seemed to miss the idea that such a scenario should never even happen at all.

Jason Houser, the former ICE official, said, “This is very, very rare. There’s a large capacity and capability for both Border Patrol, ICE, federal law enforcement, and the interagency to identify and vet these individuals as they come to the border.”

And yet, if such capabilities exist, the question is begged — what happened?

Mohammad Kharwin had spent nearly a year inside the United States after he was released by the Border Patrol. He was arrested again in February but then released again by a judge who said he was not a threat to national security. He was subsequently freed on bond while he awaited an immigration hearing in Texas scheduled for 2025, with no limit on his ability to move within the United States.

At every step of the way, ICE officials neglected to share information that Kharwin was on a terrorist watchlist as being a member of Hezb-e-Islami, an Afghan insurgent group that sought to overthrow the Western-backed government in Afghanistan before it finally fell to the Taliban in 2021.

Kharwin currently still remains out of custody.

Even more infuriating is that according to NBC News Homeland Security Correspondent Julia Ainsley, the scenario “appears to be just one of at least three incidents in the past two years involving suspected terrorists being released by Customs and Border Protection, according to the DHS inspector general and Congress.”

In other words, this specific instance is just the one currently being exposed, but there are more, and the nation’s bleeding southern border is letting an unknown number of potential terrorists in every single day under the blind eye of the Biden administration.

In March, it was reported that a Lebanese man was apprehended crossing the border who has acknowledged being a member of the notorious terrorist organization Hezbollah. His stated intent was to go to New York City and make a bomb.

Due to the egregious amount of willful neglect in securing the southern border, the case can be made that President Biden is directly responsible for these continued threats to national security and should be impeached immediately on grounds of violating his oath of office.

Unfortunately, with the political climate in Washington, such actions cannot be expected to be taken by Republicans and the nation’s best hope is to purge the political establishment of politicians who care more about money and perks than the safety of the people they are supposed to represent.