Trump’s Georgia Trial Livestream And Mainstream Bias

Fulton County is moving forward with approval for live coverage of Trump’s election interference trial. Major media outlets will have the ability to stream the trial to the public live.

Judge Scott McAffee has ruled that the Georgia trial versus former President Donald Trump can be live-streamed on major media outlets. This includes the major social media and media platform, YouTube.

McAfee’s choice is just another in a long line of clear bias to Trump and to any of the indictment charges listed against him. McAfee cited the choice was based on getting the information of the trial to the media.

“The best way to make the proceedings available to the media, due to the number of requests, would be to stream the court case live for public viewing.”

To be clear, the media has no issue receiving information regarding proceedings of any case, with or without livestreaming to the public.

This choice is clearly not for the media, but in fact for the court of public opinion. The end result lies in the hope that the public will villainize Trump and push him out of the running for the 2024 presidency.

These biased choices from McAfee and Fulton County District Attorney Willis have backfired time and again. Instead of pointing the finger as Trump being the criminal, they are only shedding light on the lengths they will go to to ruin Trump.

Some of the lengths they are going to are not only slippery legal slopes, but also make loose interpretations of the law if it will work to hurt Trump.

An example of this is the recent choice by Gov. Kemp to maintain Willis on the indictment case. A clear choice of bias against Trump and an effort to back the claims that Trump committed election interference. This move, along with the now famous choice to have the mugshot shown, have both backfired.

The mugshot alone brought in a large amount of funds to support Trump’s legal defense. It also pushed the mugshot as one of the hottest-selling battling cries the Republican party and Trump supporters could have.

With every passing choice, the anti-Trump politicians and government officials are raising Trump in the polls. They are not showing proof of Trump’s so-called illegal actions. Instead, they are showing their own corrupt methods to take Trump out of the running by any means necessary.