Bannon Has Sharp Warning For Nuland

Notorious Russia Hawk Victoria Nuland is stepping down from her role at the State Department, marking the end of a contentious career in “diplomacy.” Nuland has long been a polarizing figure in America’s foreign policy, especially regarding the corrupt Ukraine regime.

On Wednesday, Steve Bannon, a former Trump White House strategist, didn’t mince words regarding Nuland’s departure, advising her to “Preserve your documents. Lawyer up because we are coming for you.” His warning portends of an aggressive approach to seeking accountability for the billions of taxpayer dollars sent to Ukraine without meaningful oversight.

Nuland’s involvement in Ukraine’s internal affairs dates back to the Obama administration, where she played a critical role in 2014 regarding the removal of that nation’s democratically-elected president.

In a leaked phone call, she was caught planning the future Ukrainian government to come after that administration was toppled.

Critics have labeled Nuland’s departure as evidence of the failure of the Biden administration’s anti-Russia stance, which they argue has been detrimental to U.S. interests.

Meanwhile, Nuland’s approach to Ukraine, marked by aggressive rhetoric and policies, has not yielded the intended outcomes. Instead, the situation has deteriorated, with no clear path to resolution.

The Biden administration has praised Nuland for her service, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken commending her efforts in Ukraine. However, this praise seems disconnected from the on-the-ground reality of the failing foreign policy being conducted in that country’s ongoing war with Russia.

Nuland’s retirement raises questions about the future direction and leadership in dealing with critical global issues like the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. As she steps down, one can’t help but wonder whether this will lead to a significant shift in U.S. foreign policy or if it’s merely a change of faces with the same flawed strategies continuing under different leadership.

As the Biden administration navigates these turbulent waters, it must reassess its approach to ensure that past mistakes are not repeated. Nuland’s departure offers an opportunity for a reset in U.S. foreign policy. The message from Bannon and others is clear — accountability is coming, and it’s time for a change in the White House.