Overflowing Facilities Push Migrants Into American Cities

As a result of the overwhelming surge resulting from the ongoing Biden open borders crisis, nearly 2,000 migrants were released into the United States last week from overflowing processing facilities in the San Diego sector. The migrant processing centers, designed to accommodate a maximum of 750 people, were operating at 245% of capacity.

Many of the illegal migrants thanked Joe Biden personally as they were discharged into the community. “Thank you, America, thank you, American president,” several told reporters.

National Border Patrol Council for the San Diego Sector President Manny Bayon said, “You have to keep in mind that we only know what we have in our databases, but when they’re coming from other countries, if the United States doesn’t cooperate, we don’t know their background in their country.”

The situation is further exacerbated by California’s self-proclaimed status as a “sanctuary state.” “People are entering illegally. We are not enforcing our laws,” said San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond (R).

The significant rise in migrants being released into cities like San Diego raises substantial concerns about the capacity of federal and local authorities to manage such flows, especially concerning the vetting process. A number of persons linked to international terror activities have been arrested at the southern border recently. In February 2024, for example, a serial deportee and gang member was arrested, alongside the apprehension of 59 terror suspects over four months. The risks associated with insufficient vetting of migrants are becoming more prevalent every day across America.

While the administration may argue that these releases are a necessary response to humanitarian needs and legal constraints, the policy’s implications for national security and public order are profound. The federal government’s apparent inability to keep pace with the influx of migrants strains resources. It tests the resilience of local communities tasked with integrating new arrivals.

This ongoing situation demands the immediate attention of federal officials in light of California’s lenient approach to illegal immigration. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is just as committed to an open borders policy as California’s loopy leftist government led by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). American voters place illegal immigration at the top of the list of important issues in the upcoming presidential election, which should point to success for President Donald Trump and the America First movement.