Biden Funding Soros Election Interference In Hungary

The Biden administration — closely allied with far-left globalist billionaire George Soros — is coming under fire for funneling taxpayer dollars to Soros-affiliated organizations working to improperly shape the media landscape in Hungary. Claiming to support “media freedom,” the funding is being challenged as a means to interfere in the elections and internal affairs of a sovereign nation.

The Biden administration has channeled $320,000 through the Soros-funded Ökotárs Foundation and Mérték Media Monitor to fifteen Hungarian media outlets known for their critical stance against Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government. The funding comes at a crucial time ahead of significant electoral milestones in Hungary.

Critics argue that this act of funding opposition media in Hungary, a NATO ally, is not only an overreach of U.S. foreign policy but also a precise instance of using American taxpayer money to meddle in the democratic processes of another country.

The partnership between the Biden administration and Soros-affiliated organizations to manage these funds has been particularly contentious. Dan Schneider, MRC Vice President, has criticized the State Department for outsourcing the decision-making on allocating U.S. tax dollars to entities with a vested interest in shaping Hungary’s political landscape to mirror their liberal ideologies.

This initiative is part of a broader pattern of behavior from the Biden administration which has shown a willingness to engage in activities that many see as undermining the principles of national sovereignty and democratic integrity. The U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, Dave Pressman, has been a vocal critic of Orban’s government, often engaging in public disputes that further strain the diplomatic relationship between the two nations.

President Donald Trump has lauded Orban as a “great leader.” Trump’s admiration for Orban’s firm stance on issues that resonate with conservative values contrasts with the Biden administration’s efforts to support opposition voices through secretive and indirect financial means.

The controversy also sheds light on the complex figure of George Soros who has been a focal point of criticism from Orban’s government. Accusations of antisemitism have been levied against the Hungarian government’s campaign against Soros, which the government vehemently denies.

As Hungary navigates these turbulent political waters, the actions of the Biden administration, in concert with Soros-funded entities, represent a significant challenge to the country’s sovereign right to self-determination. This situation underscores the ongoing battle between nationalist and globalist forces, with Hungary’s future hanging in the balance.

Here is a report from 2022 regarding Orban’s relationship with Soros: