Barrymore To Kamala: Be America’s ‘Momala’

On Monday’s episode of Drew Barrymore’s daytime talk show, Vice President Kamala Harris was breathlessly asked to assume the role of “Momala” for the United States. The softball session was little more than a collection of personal anecdotes and political endorsements dripping with sentimental platitudes.

Fox News host Will Cain reacted in a post to X, formerly Twitter: “Howard Stern refers to Joe Biden as the ‘Father of the Country.’ Drew Barrymore says Kamala needs to be our ‘Momala.’ Who exactly is in a cult? These people aren’t looking for a leader they’re looking for surrogate parents.”

On her show, Megyn Kelly labeled the interview as “demeaning,” questioning the professionalism of both participants. She poked fun at the awkward physical closeness between Barrymore and Harris — suggesting Secret Service agents might have found the touching “overly intimate.” Kelly and her guest Michael Knowles dismissed the entire interview as a demonstration of “fake profundities.”

Harris, for her part, defended her distinct laugh, which has often been a point of media attention. She described it as something she inherited from her mother, claiming it is entirely genuine and questioning anyone who doubts her cackling is appropriate. “I grew up around a bunch of women, in particular, who laughed from the belly,” Harris snickered.

The discussion between Harris and Barrymore also touched on broader issues of discrimination against females and minorities. Harris implied that the focus on her laugh and other personal traits could be seen as a form of demeaning women. She appeared more than eager to claim any criticism of her performance in office is rooted in outdated expectations of women’s behavior among men.

It’s likely that Harris and Joe Biden will continue to turn to the compliant corporate media for fawning attention as the election approaches. Meanwhile, Biden’s Department of Justice and cronies in state prosecutors’ offices continue to work to bottle up President Donald Trump in courtrooms rather than working on the campaign trail.