Deadly Venezuelan Gang Setting Up In The US, Officials Warn

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has issued a warning about members of the dangerous Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua (TdA) crossing the southern border.

Many of the deadly crimes making headlines across the country are affiliated with the gang. Last month, it was discovered that two of the suspects involved in the Jan. 27 beating of two NYPD officers are members of TdA.

The gang was also responsible for the well-organized robberies of cell phones by TdA-affiliated illegals on mopeds robbing at least 62 New Yorkers.

Jose Ibarra, the illegal immigrant who murdered Augusta University nursing student Laken Riley, also has an affiliation with TdA, along with his brother, Diego Ibarra.

CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sources have expressed their frustrations with deporting TdA gang members because of Venezuela’s unwillingness to take their undesired citizens back.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro put a stop to accepting flights containing deported illegals from the U.S. and Mexico at the end of January.

To make matters worse, disgraced Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas placed a temporary protected status for all illegal immigrants from Venezuela who arrived before July 31, 2023, claiming that returning them to Venezuela would be unsafe for them.

According to a source who spoke with Fox News, illegal Venezuelans can still be removed to Mexico, but many then usually re-enter the U.S. illegally as a “gotaway.”

With over 335,000 encounters at the border, ICE reported that only 834 Venezuelans were deported in fiscal year 2023.

To help catch these illegal criminals, a CBP source shared an internal CBP intelligence bulletin depicting the gang’s tattoos, including a train, a grenade, a rifle, and a character depicted with a backward ball cap and a gas mask with the caption “REALG4LIFE,” according to BizPac.

With the gang’s violent nature, the FBI warned of the possibility of the gang joining forces with Mexico’s deadly MS-13, which could put Americans in even more danger.

TdA has already established itself in New York City, Texas and Miami, prompting law enforcement to keep an eye out, according to Fox News Digital.