FBI Warns Of Migrant Gangs Partnering With Illegal Venezuelans

The FBI issued a warning concerning the possibility that violent illegal Venezuelan migrants may join forces with the notorious MS-13 gang to spread chaos in the U.S. Millions of unvetted migrants have poured into the nation, and their number certainly includes violent criminals.

This, of course, is thanks to President Joe Biden’s utter negligence in securing the nation’s southern border.

New York Police officials last week revealed an operation targeting a Venezuelan gang believed to be responsible for more than 60 robberies across the city. Tren de Aragua wants to be a major player with the status of MS-13 on the world stage.

The FBI could not cite a definitive link between the two organizations but cautioned that it is watching for “emerging threats.”

The agency said that “the sharing of intelligence allows our law enforcement partners to identify whether these threats are affecting their communities and provides them the ability to be proactive in combating these threats.”

According to the New York Post, Tren de Aragua is behind the city’s recent rash of robberies. The gang’s leader, Hector Guerrero, along with many of its members are escapees from the violent world of South American prisons.

Guerrero is believed to possibly be living in the U.S. after entering the nation through the southern border.

FBI agent John Morales told the Post that these powerful gangs normally do not mix. However, it is concerning to federal officials when these criminal organizations expand their strength and get a base in the U.S.

Border agents reportedly nabbed 41 Tren de Aragua gang members entering the country at the southern border from Oct. 2022 through Sept. 2023. The agency offers anonymity to Venezuelan migrants to report members in the U.S.

Morales said the gangs first recruit in their own community, but these are also their first victims. He explained that the organization demands “protection” payments and even bribes to be permitted to cross international borders.

The gangs are able to blend in with the massive influx of illegal migrants under the Biden administration. Venezuelans accounted for over 340,000 border encounters last year, second only to Mexican nationals.