Harvard Turns Back The Clock; Offers Segregated Ceremonies

While everyone knew that Harvard University turned woke trying to please the elites, it just got even worse. Now, the Ivy League school is being progressive by going back in time and offering segregated graduation ceremonies so offended students won’t be forced to celebrate their success with “overprivileged” White students.

The university’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) office announced that on top of their normal graduation ceremony, they would hold what they referred to as “affinity celebrations,” as reported by National Review.

Graduates can now register for ceremonies equivalent to their racial background so they can place themselves into a box. There will be a Black celebration and an Arab celebration. Students who believe they’re underprivileged can attend a special ceremony for a first-generation low-income celebration.

Other students who need to feel special and demand attention for belonging to the LGBT community, can attend the lavender celebration. There are even separate ceremonies for veterans, Jewish students and disabled students.

While Harvard thinks that the different ceremonies help all groups feel accepted, for some, it sends the opposite message. Harvard Divinity School student Shabbos Kestenbaum said that the separation has helped fuel antisemitism on campus.

“Rather than acknowledge the harmful ways in which Harvard DEI has contributed to campus antisemitism, the university further marginalizes individuals into groups of race, ethnicity, and religion,” Kestenbaum told National Review. “Harvard DEI is simply out of control.”

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) also called out Harvard for its actions, saying it was dividing its students instead of bringing them together.

“Graduation ceremonies should unite students,” Foxx said. “Instead, Harvard is dividing its student body even further by playing into identity politics and radical DEI ideologies.”

Graduation ceremonies used to be a time for bonding and celebrating the hard work paid off by all students, regardless of background. Receiving a college degree should be about achievement, not pointing out differences.

The sad irony is that civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought so hard to end segregation so everyone, regardless of race or background, would be treated equally and not put into a box. Now in 2024, the woke mob is trying to undo what hundreds of people died for in the name of inclusiveness.