Joe Manchin Stymies Biden’s Judge Picks

On Thursday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) vowed he would not vote for one of Joe Biden’s judicial nominees, which could doom the nomination, according to Newsmax.

Manchin said he will not back any Biden judicial picks who don’t have at least some Republican support.

After voting against several judicial picks this week, Manchin opened up to Politico about why he will stymie the Democrat judicial nominees.

“Just one Republican. That’s all I’m asking for. Give me something bipartisan. This is my own little filibuster,” Manchin said. “If they can’t get one Republican, I vote for none. I’ve told [Democrats] that. I said, ‘I’m sick and tired of it, I can’t take it anymore.'”

Making the leftist rounds over to CNN, Manchin had a similar answer when asked about Adeel Mangi, Biden’s nominee for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“I’m going to be very honest with everybody, if my Democratic colleagues and friends can’t get one Republican vote, don’t count on me. You can’t make it bipartisan, don’t count on me,” Manchin said.

“I’m not leaving this place unless I can practice what I preach and I’m preaching, basically bipartisanship. This is my little way of doing it.”

Mangi would be the first Muslim-American on a federal appeals court. Manchin’s filibuster would prevent Mangi from sitting on the circuit court.

Manchin is not seeking reelection this fall and will retire from the Senate. He has also said he will not run for president in 2024 and undermine Biden.

Another Democrat, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), also opposes Mangi’s nomination he has no Republican support.

Not surprisingly, the White House has claimed opposition to Mangi is due to Islamophobia.

Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters, “Mr. Mangi, who has lived the American Dream and proven his integrity, is being targeted by a malicious and debunked smear campaign solely because he would make history as the first Muslim to serve as a federal appellate judge.”

“Senate Democrats should side with the qualities that make America exceptional,” Jean-Pierre continued, “which Mr. Mangi embodies, not the hateful forces trying to force America into the past.”

Manchin told Politico he needs to see more from the Biden administration in garnering Republican votes for their judicial nominees.

“If you’ve got a decent person you can at least get one. Just go ask Lisa, go ask Susan, even Lindsey,” Manchin said, referring to sitting GOP senators. “Lisa and Susan both are not controlled by just voting party line, I know that. But you’ve got to ask them.”

The Manchin filibuster could help Democrats in districts with sizable Jewish populations who might be opposed to his appointment. In this scenario, Manchin could be playing the part of a Trojan Horse.