Laptop Repairman Blasts Attempt To Send DOJ After Hunter’s Foes

The owner of the shop where Hunter Biden abandoned his infamous laptop is speaking out after it was revealed that the president’s son is demanding criminal investigations of everyone who shared the information contained on his laptop.

Hunter Biden has sent his lawyers after his enemies, sending letters to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Delaware attorney general demanding they investigate the dissemination of “his personal computer data.”

Despite sending the letters, the lawyers are still claiming that their actions aren’t an admission that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden.

Abbe David Lowell, an attorney from the firm Winston & Strawn, sent two detailed 14-page letters demanding that the Delaware AG and the DOJ launch investigations into whether John Paul Mac Isaac, Robert Costello, Rudy Giuliani, Stephen Bannon, Jack Maxey, Garrett Ziegler, and Yaacov Apelbaum committed state or federal crimes.

“There is considerable reason to believe,” according to Hunter Biden’s attorney, that these individuals broke various laws “in accessing, copying, manipulating, and/or disseminating Mr. Biden’s personal computer data.”

Writing specifically about Mac Isaac, the Delaware repair shop owner, Lowell claimed: “Mr. Mac Isaac has admitted to gaining access to our client’s personal computer data in Delaware without Mr. Biden’s consent.”

“Mr. Mac Isaac has admitted to copying that data without Mr. Biden’s consent, and Mr. Mac Isaac has admitted to distributing copies of that data from his place in Delaware,” the letter to the Delaware AG continued.

Meanwhile, the repair shop owner was specifically instructed by Hunter Biden to recover the information contained on the waterlogged laptop — and has maintained from the beginning that the “computer data” he copied came from the laptop abandoned at his shop by an individual he identified as Hunter Biden.

The letters sent by Hunter Biden’s attorney appear to be an admission by Hunter that the laptop did, in fact, belong to him.

When asked by The Federalist whether Hunter Biden “now acknowledge[s] he or someone on his behalf dropped off his laptop for repairs at Mac Isaac’s store,” Lowell denied it.

“These letters do not confirm Mac Isaac’s or others’ versions of a so-called laptop,” the attorney said. “They address their conduct of seeking, manipulating, and disseminating what they allege to be Mr. Biden’s personal data, wherever they claim to have gotten it.”

However, Mac Isaac’s attorney gave an exclusive interview to The Federalist about the matter, appearing surprised about the continued attempts to obfuscate the situation by Hunter Biden’s legal team.

“Is Hunter denying that he was in Delaware in April of 2019 then?” attorney Brian Della Rocca asked. “To this day, he has not denied being in Wilmington at that time. Nor has he ever denied dropping off the laptop with John Paul. Is he denying doing so now?”

“John Paul has not, nor will he ever manipulate the data on Hunter’s hard drive. That is just not who he is,” he added.

It would be easy to confirm that the data is authentic, according to Della Rocca, who stressed that “the data on the drive he has can be compared to the laptop, which is in the possession of the FBI, to show he has not made any changes to the information.”

The attorney also condemned the attempt by Hunter Biden’s lawyers to suggest that Mac Isaac had lied to law enforcement officials about the matter.

“Mr. Mac Isaac has insisted that he did not make a bit-by-bit copy or clone of the hard drive,” page eight of the Biden attorney’s letter read.

“Nor could he make such a copy because the hard drive was soldered to the laptop’s motherboard, and he could not stay logged into the waterlogged laptop long enough to copy the entirety of the hard drive because the waterlogged laptop would periodically turn off,” the letter continued. “Instead, Mr. Mac Isaac chose what he wanted to access and copy from Mr. Biden’s personal data that Mr. Mac Isaac unlawfully obtained.”

The letter went on to claim that “mischief” had occurred, asserting that files on the laptop had been manipulated, added, and destroyed.

“Thus, any representation by Mr. Mac Isaac to law enforcement that what was in his possession was the entire hard drive would have been a knowing false statement,” Biden’s attorney added. “Moreover, the absence of a true clone of the hard drive created the opportunity for mischief—namely, the addition of files to this ‘hard drive,’ the manipulation of files on this ‘hard drive,’ and the destruction of files from this ‘hard drive.’”

Mac Isaac’s attorney responded to these claims by arguing that they showed Hunter Biden’s lawyers had clearly misunderstood the process for retrieving data from a damaged MacBook Pro 13.

“Due to the damaged condition and poor stability of the MacBook, John Paul had to manually recover the user data,” Della Rocca explained. “John Paul was able to recover the entire contents (220GB) [of] the folder named, RobertHunter.”

“Per Hunter’s request, no attempt to recover the remaining system files or applications was made because they did not include personal data,” he stressed.

Della Rocca also noted that “the only law enforcement agency to which John Paul has provided a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop was the FBI,” adding that the FBI had also taken custody of the laptop at the same time — which would allow the bureau to compare what Mac Isaac recovered from the “RobertHunter” folder to the contents of the original laptop.

“There would be no difference,” he emphasized.

Della Rocca went on to dismiss accusations that Mac Isaac had accessed Hunter Biden’s personal data without his consent, stating that the claims were “absolutely false.”

Meanwhile, the signed repair contract from the shop contained a clause explaining that if the laptop was not retrieved within 90 days of “notification of completed service,” it would then be treated as “abandoned.”

The Federalist notes: “Hunter Biden’s attorney did not respond to The Federalist’s inquiry on whether it was his position that Hunter Biden had ‘not abandoned the property under the repair contract,’ with the Winston & Strawn attorney instead stressing the letters do not confirm Mac Isaac’s ‘versions of a so-called laptop.’”

The repair contract also stated that the owner of the laptop agreed to hold Mac Isaac “harmless for any damage or loss of property.”

Della Rocca characterized the attempt by Hunter Biden’s attorneys to go after his client as “another privileged person hiring yet another high-priced attorney to redirect attention away from his own unlawful actions.”

“This is entirely a P.R. move,” he continued, noting that the first time he saw the lengthy letters from Hunter Biden’s attorney was when he was contacted by CBS for comment.

However, the attempt by Hunter Biden and his attorneys to sic law enforcement on individuals who had disseminated the laptop has completely backfired. The public has largely interpreted the letters as an admission that the laptop, and all of the incriminating information on it, belonged to Hunter Biden.