Matt Gaetz Demands Investigation Into Jack Smith’s ‘Election Interference’

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has taken a stand against the gross misuse of judicial power to undermine President Donald Trump and his 2024 presidential campaign. Gaetz asserts that The Biden administration’s Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith is directly involved in improper election interference.

Gaetz laid out his findings and demands in a detailed complaint letter sent on Wednesday to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz. Here, he lays bare Smith’s transgressions, accusing him of maneuvering legal proceedings against Trump to influence the upcoming election. It’s a serious charge grounded in the DOJ’s regulations, which strictly prohibit prosecutorial actions from being timed or tailored to affect electoral outcomes.

The congressman’s arguments are not without merit. He points to Smith’s insistent push for expedited court proceedings against Trump, particularly concerning the former president’s challenge of the election results and possession of classified documents. Such a rush, Gaetz argues, lacks a transparent, legitimate justification and instead suggests a covert motive: to sway public opinion and electoral prospects by associating Trump with legal turmoil.

What makes Gaetz’s position compelling is his reference to the Justice Manual, a cornerstone of prosecutorial ethics, which explicitly forbids actions by federal prosecutors that could influence elections. The manual’s guidelines set a high standard that Gaetz believes Smith has failed to meet by pushing for a rapid trial timeline. “It is the core of prohibited conduct that a purpose (not the purpose) of any official action of a prosecutor be to affect any election,” Gaetz underscores in his correspondence.

The ramifications of Smith’s alleged haste are not trivial. With Trump standing as a leading figure in the Republican party and a prospective candidate for the 2024 elections, the timing and nature of the legal challenges he faces could significantly impact his political fortunes and, by extension, the electoral landscape.

Trump’s legal team echoes Gaetz’s concerns, arguing that Smith’s prosecutorial zeal appears to be driven more by political calculus than by the dictates of justice. The defense portrays Smith’s filings and public statements as bereft of legal necessity and instead imbued with political intent, further fueling allegations of a “witch hunt” aimed at diminishing Trump’s stature and influence as a political figure.