Report: Army Reservists Forced To Conduct Politically Charged Mock Exercise

The U.S. Army Reserves conducted a mandatory weekend drill in which a political scenario was carried out, drawing strong rebukes from critics concerned over the politicization of military forces.

According to The Gateway Pundit, earlier in February the remote exercise involving Army Reserve legal offices (LODs) was held. But an order from high-ranking Pentagon officials quickly diverted the scenario into a shocking direction.

Facts provided to the participants included Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bearing responsibility for allowing a migrant family to drown. Participants were told that barriers were erected and aid was not rendered to dying migrants.

This is an obvious reference to a recent incident in which the Biden administration and its media allies falsely accused Texas officials of being complicit in a tragic drowning.

The narrative was proven wholly false by the government’s own admission, but it still found a place in the Reserves’ weekend drill.

An even more shocking scenario dictated by Pentagon officials involved a Texas National Guard member emerging from behind a vehicle and shooting at a migrant family swimming across the river.

While firing on the family in cold blood, this imaginary soldier was yelling, “America First!”

This is a brazenly political scenario that runs afoul of training standards followed by the military. They are to be fictional and certainly not involve political controversies and U.S. citizens, but the Reserves were subjected to the exercise anyway.

What are they being prepared for?

The showdown between Texas and the Biden White House is only intensifying. Abbott proclaims to anyone within earshot that the Democrat is violating federal law by refusing to stem the illegal invasion.

To make matters even worse, if that’s possible, Biden then offers “mass parole” to illegal border crossers and allows them to settle in the nation’s interior. Many simply drop off the radar and move about freely.

Even as Abbott utilized the Texas National Guard to shore up the border, some extreme leftists called on Biden to nationalize the state’s forces. This would create a constitutional showdown that would likely not end well.

Which begs the question yet again, why did the Pentagon step in and alter the reservists’ training to include domestic situations involving migrants?