RNC To Work With Scott Presler On Ballot Harvesting

On Friday, newly-elected Republican National Committee Co-chair Lara Trump announced the party would be hiring popular conservative activist Scott Presler to lead a legal ballot-chasing effort, according to the Daily Caller.

The RNC seeks to ensure election integrity and maximize voter turnout for Donald Trump as he works to defeat Joe Biden in November.

In an interview with Benny Johnson, Lara Trump said Presler, who works to register and drive Republican turnout, is slated to join the RNC’s efforts to do the same.

Lara Trump was eyeing Pressler before she was elected to lead the RNC. “Scott Pressler is such an incredible guy and very impressive,” she said in an interview on the “Mark Kaye Show.”

“I mean what he’s single-handedly been able to do was voter registration and he just took it upon himself he said that the Republicans are not doing voter reg like the Democrats are and I’m going to go out and I’m going to change that,” she continued.

“And man did he do an incredible job doing it he is a person who I personally want to see in charge of a legal ballot harvesting operation for the RNC,” she said.

The Democratic National Committee’s reaction to the RNC move was telling. DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released a statement:

“Scott Presler is an election-denying conspiracy theorist, which just makes him par for the course in terms of new major RNC staff hires,” the statement said.

“Once again, Donald Trump’s extreme MAGA makeover of the RNC is showing that democracy is on the line in this election as he and his allies elevate extremists who would rather defend Roy Moore and QAnon than our democracy,” the rant continued.

The response was an over-the-top hyperbolic reaction to the RNC’s vow to harvest ballots — as the Democrats do — where legal.

“We have the first-ever election integrity division,” Lara Trump said. “This is an entire wing of the building dedicated solely to that.”

“Right now, you just talked about a lawsuit we have in Michigan; we have in twenty-three states seventy-eight lawsuits single-handedly to address this issue. To make it easier to vote and harder to cheat in 2024,” she continued

The RNC’s goal, according to Lara Trump, is to negate the election law changes made by Democrats during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The Democrats don’t like the RNC’s new look.