Texas Gas Station Robbery Was Planned To Obtain U-Visas

A robbery at a gas station occurred in January 2024 and ended in a bystander shooting and the robber’s death seems to have been planned so that the perpetrator and the “victims” could receive temporary immigration status in the U.S.

Fox News obtained court documents indicating that 22-year-old Rasshauud Scott planned the fake robbery with another man named William Winfrey. Law enforcement later stumbled upon Telegram messages between the pair.

It appears that Winfrey and Scott wanted to pretend to rob two victims who would later file for the U nonimmigrant status, also known as U-Visa.

The New York Post pointed out that U-Visas are set aside for victims of particular crimes who have suffered mental or physical mistreatment and could aid law enforcement or government officials in an investigation or the prosecution of criminals.

Police said Winfrey and Scott staged similar robberies in 2023.

On Jan. 27, 2024, Scott acted like he was robbing two individuals at a gas station in Houston, Texas. A bystander, not aware of the scheme, allegedly shot and killed Scott.

Court documents indicate that the bystander, Jesus Vargas, fled the scene because he was violating his parole by possessing a firearm.

In a statement to FOX 26, Scott’s widowed fiancée, Sade Beverly, did not excuse the 22-year-old’s actions but said the “real issue” is careless gun laws.

“They need to change,” Beverly said. “I don’t see how people are able to say it’s okay to take somebody’s life. It’s never OK.”

One of the two “victims” who were allegedly involved in the scheme was later interviewed by ABC 13. He denied that the crime was preplanned but admitted to applying for a U-Visa “after three of four months.”

Winfrey was arrested on March 27, 2024, for his connection to the incident. He admitted to participating in staged robberies and indicated that he knew the potential repercussions such a scheme could bring. He was recently charged in court with a felony murder count over Scott’s death, according to The Epoch Times.

The murder charge is justified in cases where a defendant is involved in a criminal act that they knew was dangerous and a person dies as such.