Trans Activist Berates Conservative Group, Flips Over Table

Aside from at least four recent mass shootings attributed to individuals who identify as transgender, there has been a clear uptick in reports of violence and destruction by those in the trans community.

Earlier this month, competitive swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted and intimidated by a mob of trans activists as she attempted to share her belief that biological men should not be allowed to compete against — and disrobe in front of — female athletes.

Even more recently, a student at the University of Washington reportedly attacked members of the conservative organization Turning Point USA.

In an incident caught on camera and shared extensively on social media, the assailant can be seen walking up to the group’s display and hurling insults at members. The video contains explicit language.

Accusing the conservative advocates of participating in “the genocide of trans kids,” the unidentified student called them “Nazis” and ultimately flipped over the table at their information booth.

The Turning Point USA members attempted to de-escalate the situation and tried to engage in a level-headed discussion with the irate individual.

In response to the unsubstantiated accusations, one member simply said “no” while another dismissed the claims as “such an assumption.”

Growing increasingly irritated, the attacker mocked the group’s defense and motioned to the material on display.

“What is anti-trans on the table?” asked one individual.

Without being able to answer the question, the student said: “You’re TPUSA, you dumb b—es. Whatever.”

At that point, the individual flipped over the table and toppled all of the items to the ground.

In a subsequent statement to Fox News, a TPUSA spokesperson confirmed that the group has experienced a “higher level of vitriol and violence” from such activists recently but vowed that members would continue engaging in their peaceful advocacy.

“They are subjected to being called the most horrible names, shunned and doxxed by fellow students, and persecuted by teachers and administrators,” the spokesperson added. “And they’re used to that. The organization is prepared for it.”

The same organization hosted the aforementioned event at which Gaines was a featured speaker. Her agent Eli Bremer reacted to the assault at San Francisco State University with a statement asserting: “It is stunning that in America in 2023, it is acceptable for biological male students to violently assault a woman for standing up for women’s rights.”