Trump Vows Special Prosecutor To Probe Biden Crime Family

Former President and current 2024 Republican frontrunner Donald Trump vowed to an appreciative Pennsylvania audience on Saturday that “the gloves are off” when it comes to the current White House.

He told the Erie gathering that upon reelection he will “appoint a real special prosecutor to expose the monumental corruption of the Biden crime family.”

Trump expressed his belief that instead of the unprecedented prosecutions leveled at him by vengeful Democrats, it should be the current president staring down the barrel. Biden and his family face a mountain of evidence that they enriched themselves through an international bribery scheme.

As Trump told the rally, “the Bidens got millions of dollars from Ukraine. Now Ukraine gets billions and billions of dollars from the American taxpayer. Joe Biden is compromised.”

Pointing to the obvious corruption in the Oval Office, the former president said he was hesitant to acknowledge it due to great respect for the position. But with the “horrible” Biden presidency, that has changed.

Trump promised that unlike the ragtag witch hunts he’s been subjected to by Democrats, the Biden crime family “will be properly prosecuted.”

Everything will be “fair,” but they will face justice if found guilty.

The Republican frontrunner first made the pledge to appoint a special prosecutor to probe the Bidens last month in a Truth Social posting. At that time, leftists expressed horror that he would so openly target a political rival.

Which is laughable, of course. It seems that every other day the federal indictment total against the former president rises with new charges from overreaching prosecutors.

Biden and his cronies have been going after his presumptive 2024 opponent at every level of the weaponized government. If that’s not targeting your political rival, the term has no meaning.

In Pennsylvania, Trump further addressed the additional charges brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith last week. Calling it “ridiculousness,” the former president said that “all they’re doing is hoping for massive election interference.”

The Democratic end game is to try to ram through a guilty verdict on a fabricated “insurrection” charge. That way, Biden’s supporters may make the legal claim that he is disqualified from running for another term in the White House under the Fourteenth Amendment.

And just like that, the incumbent’s principal rival would be out of the race.