Tucker Carlson Receives Wild Applause With Rogan At Club

Independent journalist and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was met with wild applause as he joined his friend, comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan, on stage for a comedy show on Monday night.

Carlson was joining Rogan on the stage of a live, weekly podcast called “Kill Tony” in which fresh-faced new comedians are judged for 60-second performances at Rogan’s Comedy Mothership Club in Austin, Texas.

Carlson, who had been out to dinner with Rogan earlier in the evening, was invited by Rogan to the club and shown backstage. Rogan then let the show host, Tony Hinchcliffe, know through text that Carlson was on the scene. As Rogan and Carlson were standing behind the curtain of the stage, Hinchcliffe announced them both as their newest guests — to Carlson’s complete surprise.

As the curtain opened, Carlson and Rogan were met with loud and enthusiastic applause. Carlson, visibly surprised, was seen red-faced and laughing in good spirits as he waved to the cheering crowd.

“Tucker had no idea this was going on till about 30 seconds ago,” Rogan said. “He had no idea he was going on stage, he’s just finding out right now.”

As the show progressed, comedians interacted with Tucker in on-stage banter and back-and-forth jokes to the delight and laughter of the audience.

As comedian Enrique Chacon and Tucker exchanged pleasantries, Chacon asked Tucker, “Maybe in return you could get me a green card? I’ll do any gig in this country, but outside the country I’m a have to hit up my man Tucker, you know what I mean?”

“You’re already taking jobs Americans can’t do,” Carlson joked, getting both laughter and groans from the audience as some thought Carlson was possibly giving a comedic low blow.

“I was going to vote for you, but you know what? You lost a good one here, but actually I can’t vote,” Chacon responded while laughing.

“No, I meant it as a compliment!” Tucker quickly said, which even as a compliment carries its own humor.

Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan apparently have a good friendship, as Rogan recently defended Carlson on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, saying Carlson is “very odd,” but a “good dude,” adding, “He’s a nice guy, man. I’m telling you. He takes on controversial subjects and becomes a lightning rod for hate.”

Aside from sympathizing with Carlson’s attempts to handle controversial topics, Carlson and Rogan both represent a culture of free speech, as both have faced attempts at being canceled by the leftist mainstream media and the corporations that control their purse strings.

Tucker, famously, was fired from Fox News but bounced back perhaps even stronger than ever with his own independent show. As for Rogan, he has repeatedly had disputes with the distributors of his podcast, such as Spotify, over some of his show’s content but has refused to back down.

The popularity of his podcast, as well as his comedy club in Austin, reflects his free speech mindset and, as with Carlson, has been embraced by patriotic Americans for its open values. It is no wonder, then, that Carlson and Rogan were met with such wild applause.