Biden’s Lead Over Trump In Wisconsin Narrows With Third-Party Candidates

A new Quinnipiac University poll indicates that President Biden’s lead over former President Donald Trump in the battleground state of Wisconsin diminishes significantly when third-party candidates are included in the race. In a head-to-head matchup, Biden receives 50% support among registered voters, while Trump trails with 44%.

However, when independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and independent candidate Cornel West are added to the poll, the two-party share of the vote drops below 80%. In this scenario, Biden receives 40%, Trump 39%, Kennedy, Jr. 12%, Stein 4%, and West 1%.

The poll was taken May 2-6 of 1,457 Wisconsin registered voters. A Marquette University Law School poll from mid-April showed Trump leading Biden 51% to 49%, while RealClearPolitics indicates a 0.5 percentage point average lead for Trump in the state.

Both Trump and Biden have made concerted efforts to campaign in Wisconsin, with Trump focusing on the economy and immigration, while Biden has emphasized his vision of “preserving democracy” and economic achievements. Independent candidates have until Aug. 6 to file petitions for ballot access, leaving the final number of choices for voters uncertain.

As Kennedy continues to build up his campaign, his impact on the 2024 presidential election will become more clear to analysts. Biden has been losing support from voters for a multitude of reasons, and we will see if that loss of support now translates into a loss of votes come November.